5 Hidden Dangers in Your Home

5 Hidden Dangers in Your Home Our home security systems are in place. No one is getting into the house without it being seen or heard. Everything appears covered as far as keeping your family safe goes. Or is it? At times, we get so focused on the obvious that we overlook the hidden items in our house that could pose a risk. What might they be? Consider the following items.   Get the Lint Out The National Fire Protection Association reports that washer and dryer fires average over 15,900 cases yearly. Sadly, the property loss was about $238 million.

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What a Burglar Sees When He Looks at Your House

What a Burglar Sees When He Looks at Your House You chose your home in what most would say is a nice neighborhood. Your home sits off the road a little for some privacy. Your landscaping glows from the fresh mowing out front, and in the backyard, you have quiet woods that relax you after work. The kids stay inside and play their new video game system to wind down from school. You leave your windows cracked when you run errands because the fall weather has a crisp feel to it. You load up your bike to go on your

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Wired Versus Wireless or Wi-Fi-based Video Surveillance

Wired Versus Wireless or Wi-Fi-based Video Surveillance You see cameras around everywhere today, from your cellphone to the corner of a building. Many homeowners and renters have considered the value of installing home security cameras at their homes as a result of this technological trend. Plenty of new products arrive daily to choose from, which makes the decision-making process a bit complex. Explore our complete guide to home security cameras and the benefits of both wired and wireless models. Your home or business can be secure with just a single purchase. Hard-Wired Camera Systems Defining the Components Hard-wired systems have

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7 Things a Burglar Wants From You

7 Things a Burglar Wants From You When a burglar breaks into your home, they are usually in and out within 10 minutes or so. In order to be quick and productive, they have set items in their mind of what to grab. Know what these items are, you can go to greater lengths to secure them. Let's examine what seven of these top items are and what you can do about it, outside of having home security systems.   #1 Cash Of course, cash is the most sought after item. It is untraceable and used anywhere. There is no

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Teaching Your Children About Home Security

Teaching Your Children About Home Security It's good to have a home security system protecting the family. You have a system that you picked out carefully and customized to your needs. Before your installers left, they gave you a tour of how to work all the features. Now, you feel really informed. You can work the app and access your smart home features before you pull into the driveway. You seem to be all set. However, the day comes when everyone is going back to school and work. Now the bigger kids will be letting themselves in and out of

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Protecting Your Home in the Winter Weather

Protecting Your Home in the Winter Weather We're entering the new season of winter weather. This weather brings with it its own set of challenges. What can you do to prepare your home and keep it safe and ensure its security? Whether it is weather-related or home security-related, it all affects our family. It's always better to prepare ahead and use preventive measures. Let's consider a few items that can keep you from having to worry and maybe even save you money in the end. Even though some warmer states may not have an ice threat, there are other weather

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Do Crime Rates Go Up During the Holidays?

Do Crime Rates Go Up During the Holidays? For most, it's the happiest time of the year. Then, for others, it can be a time of stress and pressure to give what they don't have. Sadly, this can result in the 30% spike of crime that is reported during the holiday season. Whether it is the extra shopping items in the home or a vacant house due to vacation travel, it becomes an opportunity. There are areas of home security and while out shopping that you can be aware of in order to prevent yourself from being a victim of

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New Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security

New Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security You've worked hard to save up for your new home. Whether it is a new build or just new to you, it represents a goal you reached. It is a proud moment to move in with your family, small or large. As you look around, you realize that you are now responsible for keeping the home and family safe. The most rational thing to do is to install a home security system. The FBI reports that there were an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in 2019. The victims of these burglaries lost about $3 billion in

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Choosing a Home Security Company in Austin, TX

Choosing a Home Security Company in Austin, TX No matter where we live, there is always going to be an on-going crime. However, living in a big city will up those odds. Placing home security systems in our residences will help to reduce any risks that may be nearby. But, with so many home security companies to choose from in the Austin area, where do you start?   Know What You Need The place where you start your research is in your own home. Before you begin looking over home alarm systems, you need to know what your home needs

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Why Do I Need to Add Alarm Monitoring?

Why Do I Need to Add Alarm Monitoring? Shop around for security cameras today, and you'll find many models designed for self-monitoring. They come in a sleek package with the promise of easy installation and simplified daily use. While these statements may be valid, there are considerable drawbacks to self-monitoring your home security cameras. Discover the top reasons why you need alarm monitoring for your household system. The details can be eye-opening for many people.   1. Poor Cellphone Coverage   When you self-monitor a home security system, any notifications run through your cellphone. Think about how many missed calls

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