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Recent advances in technology provide access to patient monitoring that offers safety, security, reassurance, and peace of mind. Senior health care issue management requires around-the-clock vigilance and presents crucial challenges for managers of senior living facilities, caretakers, and seniors who want to maintain independence. At True Protection, we offer the equipment and services wellness solutions that facility managers, seniors, and loving caretakers require.

Wellness Solutions
Wellness Camera

Accurate & Reliable Communication

True Protection offers the essential link that connects people to each other. Our equipment communicates the accurate information you need, as soon as you need it. Seniors who live alone may experience a decrease in contact with others who provide care. Our wellness solutions provide easy-to-use monitoring for caregivers. Facility managers will meet responsibilities for senior care with True. Our devices report on patient status instantaneously and create wellness analytics.

Professional Installation & Activation

The Latest Medical Alert Equipment

A reliable and accurate medical pendant prevents medical emergency fears, but the best equipment offers much more than that. As caregivers and health care facility managers, you can select devices that seniors do not object to wearing, a critical factor in the successful operation of any medical alert system.

Wellness Cams

2-Way Cameras

Wellness App

Remote Monitoring

Panic Buttons

Panic Buttons

Medical Pendants

Medical Pendants

In our long and enduring partnership with, we offer the latest technological devices and features in wellness solutions that seniors prefer. With a lightweight and slim design, our devices ensure outstanding performance and reliability.

True Protection provides responsive alerts that help ensure the peace of mind seniors and caregivers need when it comes to wellness solutions. We support the professionals and the loving caretakers who tend to the needs of the elderly population. We understand that you deserve the highest quality of service and equipment, and we provide it.

Our customers rely on us to monitor and respond to the input that we receive from a medical pendant or panic button anywhere in our network. We offer the most sophisticated connectivity from a user to our monitoring process for the safest and most complete alerting system available anywhere.

A surprising number of intruders saunter up the sidewalk and try the front door. An even more surprising number finds the door unlocked. Your front entry must be secure, and True Protection has the solutions you need.

The Doorbell Camera empowers you to have a record of all activity at their front door with its 180° wide-angle lens, two-way microphone, motion sensors, and IR night vision. You can instantly pull up the live view from the doorbell camera at any time, and you will get a notification anytime motion is detected or someone rings your doorbell so that you can see who is at your front door and have a two-way audio conversation with that person. All video recordings are securely stored in the cloud for future playback access.

The Doorbell Camera is always connected to the internet, and is seamlessly integrated into your account so that you can control your alarm system, door locks, and doorbell camera all through one user-friendly interface.

While speaking to the visitor through your Doorbell Camera, you can even unlock your door without having to navigate to a different section of the mobile app… a door unlock button is accessible right there on the screen while you are having your conversation with the visitor. Talk about convenience!

The best home automation systems have secure, connected door locks that you can control remotely to ensure that you never leave one of your doors unlocked again. We partner with two of the industry’s leading lock manufacturers, Schlage and Kwikset, to keep unwanted visitors out. Their products are integrated into the platform and are very sophisticated and stylish, providing True Protection with a powerful weapon in our arsenal to fully protect your home.

Taking Care of Senior Needs

Medical Alert Devices are Your Key to Safety

Our partner provides equipment that seniors find lightweight and comfortable to wear. It also provides detection of falls through every hour of every day. Waterproofing makes the devices safe to use in the shower. It provides the reassurance that caregivers require for seniors at home or in health care facilities.

A simple life alert safety device can also help. It can send a call for help provides rescue services. This eliminates the fear factor and the complications that may result from an accidental fall. Health and safety are a priority; True Protection is your solution.

Wellness Solutions
Falling Elder

1 in 4 Americans at or over the age of 65 experience a fall every year.

A life alert medical device that calls for help may achieve a critical goal for caregivers. As a caregiver, you will appreciate the value of an alarm button that quickly alerts someone’s distress. You will accomplish the demands of your schedule with the assurance that everyone remains safe.

Same Day Installation & Activation

Your Health & Wellness Solutions with True Protection

With True Protection, your needs are our priorities. We work with the best equipment providers and deliver 5-star service that customers expect.

  • Seniors want to age in place and retain a sense of independence. Our wellness devices resemble those of a nursing home or a caregiver. You can continue to enjoy the safety and comfort of your home when you use our medical alert system.

  • Our 24-hour monitoring assures you of an immediate response to an alert. And also, the peace of mind you require as you carry out your duties to care for others.

  • With a medical pendant or panic button, your patients can call for emergency assistance. Unobtrusive and easy to activate, they give every user access to help immediately.

  • Furthermore, we lower equipment cost as much as possible and make access to a medical life alert system affordable.

Health & Safety for Elders Authorized Dealer

Our Trusted Medical Technology & Your Peace of Mind

The highest level of care is why we use as our equipment partner. You will have the utmost confidence in the reliability of our devices that provide access to help when you need it. With a pendant or a panic button, you will go anywhere with assurance and self-confidence.

Our reliable equipment bridges the gap between senior independence and nursing home care. We understand the want to stay at home as long as possible. Because of this, we provide a home wellness solution, so you can stay comfortable.

As a facility manager, you will assure patients and their families with our products’ dependability.