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Why Do I Need to Add Alarm Monitoring?

Shop around for security cameras today, and you’ll find many models designed for self-monitoring. They come in a sleek package with the promise of easy installation and simplified daily use. While these statements may be valid, there are considerable drawbacks to self-monitoring your home security cameras. Discover the top reasons why you need alarm monitoring…

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Keeping Your Holiday Packages Safe on Delivery

Ordering your holiday gifts online is one of the most convenient ways to shop. However, they don’t always arrive when you’re home. It’s common for packages to sit on front porches in plain view of the street. Theft becomes an easy opportunity at this point. Discover the simple steps that you can take to ensure…

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Do Smart Home Devices Save You Money?

With the addition of smartphones and Wi-Fi connectivity, the world of home devices has had an instant upgrade. Cameras attached to wires and recorders are no longer the norm. Smart devices with wireless connectivity are now at the forefront. As you shop around for smart-home devices, considering their appeal on a practical level is important.…


Tips for Having a Safe Halloween during COVID-19

We are still living through a pandemic. And, as the Halloween season starts to arrive, it has become routine to monitor the family activities on a day-to-day basis. New recommendations and guidelines get posted daily by the CDC and the State Department of Health. Usually, the holidays are a cause of excitement for the kids,…

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Security Cameras: Wired vs. Wireless

Security Cameras: Wired vs. Wireless   The cameras in a security system are its foundation for safety. But now, with so many options, how can we make sure we choose the best one? Security packages come with several options in cameras. You can pick from doorbell cameras, interior, and exterior. Even then, it goes a…

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True Protection Customer Reviews

True Protection Customer Reviews   True Protection is a local home security company that strives to be the best in every aspect of their business. Whether it is customer service, skilled technicians, or their products, they make sure it is the best it can be. Their mission statement is, ” Maintain long-lasting relationships with our…