Remote Security Access & Management Systems

Smart Access Control allows business owners to quickly and easily manage permissions for all access points of their business, card readers and Z-Wave locks, as well as security partitions. As are all part of the comprehensive for Business solution. Smart Access Control gives additional benefits and more automation options.

For example, a single app button will unlock your business’ front door, disarm the alarm and adjust the temperature. You will also receive alerts and access-triggered video notifications when doors report unauthorized access attempts.

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Access Control Software Security

Any access control software used by an enterprise should have extensive security features and should streamline system management. The more access points and users that a location has, the more important it is to have simplified, easy-to-use, and secure access control software.

Software should include tracking of activity and usage, data reporting, a simple rules editor, and granular permissions that enable administrators to set custom permissions for specific users.

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Next-Gen Business Control from True Protection

All-in-one products offered by True Protection are designed to ease enterprise management.

Your business, small or enterprise, will benefit from a Smarter Access Control. Our latest technology offers adaptable security monitoring features appropriate for all types of businesses.

Business Access Control & Monitoring

Manage your business security from the palm of your hands with True Protection and Smart Access Control.

True Protection understands the complexity of owning a business. Our Smart Access Control products allow you to worry less. Our versatile and adaptable security monitoring tools offer great benefits for business owners.

Why You Should Use a Cloud-Based Access Control System

Cloud-based systems are an effective and innovative way to manage and access the incredibly high amount of information in the system of a multi-site organization. Instead of spending the time and money to hire an in-house access administrator, use a cloud-based system that streamlines the access process securely.

The simplification of access with a cloud-based system includes remote access to add or remove permissions, remote door management, security through cloud-based encryption, and over-the-air data sending. The system also cuts in-person security costs and creates a central security process for all locations.

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We combine access, intrusion, video surveillance and energy management into a single solution accessible through’s intuitive mobile app and web dashboard.

Business owners can remotely lock or unlock doors, and even handle complex functions like manage employee access plans and schedules.

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