Keeping Pets from Tripping Security Motion Alarms

Motion sensors and the alerts they send when there might be an intruder inside (or outside) the home are an essential component of home security. If an unwanted person enters your home and plans to rob you or cause physical harm, you’re going to want to know before that person finds you. The ensuing alarm might scare the person off, or it might give you time to contact law enforcement and take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your property. While security motion alarms are great when there’s an actual intruder in the house, they’re not so great when

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How Many Security Cameras Does Your Home Really Need?

When you move into a new home, you may not know what it will take to feel safe and secure. You might want to protect a bigger backyard, more windows and doors, or brand-new furniture. Now that you've unpacked and are getting used to your new home, consider installing a security system. Not only will this keep criminals away, but it will also let you keep an eye on the place whether you're there or not. While you may not want to splurge on a full security system, setting up cameras inside and outside your home is a good starting

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