DIY Home Security: Pros & Cons of Self-Installed Systems

In recent years, the home security industry has seen a significant shift with the rise of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home security systems. Once dominated by professional installation and costly monitoring contracts, homeowners now have the option to choose more affordable and flexible self-installation systems. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of these increasingly popular DIY setups. A Brief History of Home Security Traditionally, home security was a luxury reserved for affluent homeowners. These systems were complicated, requiring expert knowledge and installation, often followed by a binding contract with a monitoring company. However, advancements in technology have democratized the industry. Now,

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How Many Security Cameras Does Your Home Really Need?

Choosing the Right Amount of Security Cameras for Your Home When you move into a new home, you may not know what it will take to feel safe and secure. You might want to protect a bigger backyard, more windows and doors, or brand-new furniture. Now that you've unpacked and are getting used to your new home, consider installing a security system. Not only will this keep criminals away, but it will also let you keep an eye on the place whether you're there or not. While you may not want to splurge on a full security system, setting up

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Do Smart Home Devices Save You Money?

Do Smart Home Devices Save You Money? With the addition of smartphones and Wi-Fi connectivity, the world of home devices has had an instant upgrade. Cameras attached to wires and recorders are no longer the norm. Smart devices with wireless connectivity are now at the forefront. As you shop around for smart-home devices, considering their appeal on a practical level is important. In fact, smart home security monitoring and other enhancements actually save you money on several levels.  Deterring Criminal Activity Smart-home security saves you money because it deters bad behavior. Criminals who're looking to deface your property, from graffiti

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Ultimate Guide to Home Security Cameras

Choosing the Best Home Security Cameras & Placements Finding the perfect home security system is almost as important as finding the perfect home. Setting up home security cameras can be challenging, as you need to consider the size and layout of your home, the type of camera you want to use, and the type of monitoring system you wish to install. In addition, it is essential to ensure that all areas of your home are covered and that there are no blind spots. With the correct setup, you can ensure that your home is safe and secure. In this article,

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5 Essential Home Security System Features You Should Have

Must Have Home Security Features You Can't Go Without Are you shopping around for the perfect home security system? Like many homeowners, you're probably equally excited and overwhelmed by the customization options that modern-day security systems offer. If you're deciding between systems or companies, it's not always easy to know which features are the most important. While plenty of fantastic features out there can give you improved security and peace of mind, there are staple features that no homeowner should go without. Here are the five main security features that will make or break your new home security system investment.

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What to Do If Someone Steals Your Package or Mail

What to Do If Someone Steals Your Package or Mail Regardless of the time of year or the package size, it's always thrilling when you see a box has been delivered to your doorstep. Whether you're eagerly awaiting a new household item you bought from Amazon, or perhaps you're waiting for the Christmas gift you purchased for a loved one–either way, it’s always a thrilling experience. Or, even better, you're waiting to receive a present that a loved one sent and, knowing the parcel is on its way, you're eager to unwrap it. However, this moment of eagerness may quickly

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Is Home Security Monitoring Right for You?

Why or why not should you have alarm monitoring? Your home isn't just an incredibly valuable asset. It's your base of operations, restaurant, spa, office, and place to make memories with friends and family. You'd naturally want to keep your home as secure and protected as possible. But many homeowners are wondering just how much risk there is in leaving their homes unmonitored. Does investing in a home security system make a difference enough for you to justify the cost? Here's everything you'll want to know about home security monitoring so you can make an informed decision.   About Home

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Updated: Best 2023 Smart Doorbell Cameras

Best 2023 Smart Doorbell Cameras Buying a smart doorbell camera is the perfect way to make sure that you're always home for your friends, family and guests. A smart doorbell cam can easily let you see who's at your front door, and even give you a live feed if something seems off. However, with so many brands out there to choose from it can be hard knowing which ones are worth investing in. That's why we've created this list of our favorites! Enjoy! A smart doorbell camera that integrates with an existing security system is a great way to keep

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The 5 Best Security Camera Placements

The 5 Best Security Camera Placements Adding a security camera to your home is a wise investment to protect both your family and your belongings. Regardless of the location of your home, every home is susceptible to home burglaries. Even homes in the safest of areas! Not to mention, adding a security camera is also useful to monitor indoor activities, such as your pets and children, while you’re away. Keep a close eye on your babysitter from anywhere! Selecting Home Security Cameras When selecting a security camera, finding one with clear, visible images and surveillance is a top priority. In

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Home Security Systems in Austin for 2022

Best Home Security Systems for Austin in 2022? As a new year begins, everyone is hoping for the best. All of us have made adjustments to our routines as we strive to create a new normal. However, one thing that has not changed is the threat of crime. There is no bias when it comes to being a target for a burglar. No matter what neighborhood or income, they are looking for the easiest job. To stay out of the target zone, many have turned to home security systems. Today we will look over some of the more popular Austin

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