5 Ways to Prevent False Alarm Monitoring Alerts

5 Ways to Prevent False Alarm Monitoring Alerts Home alarm systems are something that everyone needs, and many of us have. Motion detectors and cameras send us alerts as soon our armed system detects activity. It is even more beneficial to have home alarm monitoring watching over our home security. Some monitoring plans allow the company to verify the emergency before taking further action. Others give you the option to have the alarm go straight to first responders without verification. Although this saves time in the case of a real emergency, what if it is a false alarm? Some alarm

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Stay Safe While Working at Home

Stay Safe While Working at Home Many people have returned to the workplace after several months of sheltering at home. However, there are many companies and employees that found out that it is more productive and cost-effective to stay working out of the home. Is this the case for you? If so, it is important to be alert and put your home security system, along with other safety measures, to work also. Most home burglaries occur between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is due to the fact that most residents are working at the office, out

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Best Home Security When You Travel Often

Best Home Security When You Travel Often The best home security systems are the ones that fit you and your family's lifestyle. If there are kids, pets, or frequent visitors, you require a different alarm system than someone who travels a lot and is rarely home. Thankfully, most reputable home security companies allow you to customize your home security to be the most effective for your unique needs. Let's focus on one type of homeowner today, and that is the frequent flier. Since you travel most of the time, does that mean that you need more or less home security

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Does Customer Service Affect Your Home Security?

Does Customer Service Affect Your Home Security? When you are researching home security companies, most of the equipment looks about the same. They all have standard equipment, and some are sure to carry the latest. Also, monitoring your alarm system is usually an option. So, where are the differences? What is something that makes or breaks your decision to go with a specific company? Usually, something that stands out right away is their customer service. This is actually an extremely important ingredient for being satisfied with your new home security system. What's more, your safety and protection may depend on

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