Stay Safe While Working at Home

Many people have returned to the workplace after several months of sheltering at home. However, there are many companies and employees that found out that it is more productive and cost-effective to stay working out of the home. Is this the case for you? If so, it is important to be alert and put your home security system, along with other safety measures, to work also. Most home burglaries occur between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is due to the fact that most residents are working at the office, out running errands, or attending school. Working at home is a new routine for the burglar to take into consideration. Even with home security monitoring in place, what else can you do to stay safe while you work out of your home daily?

Around the House Safety

The National Safety Council reports that in 2019 there were over 26 million preventable medically consulted injuries that occurred at home. That is a total of 54.2% of all injuries reported. This statistic is a reminder that just because you are in your home, safety is not automatic. Here are some tips to minimize the risks around the home.

  • Quickly clean spills, which are the leading cause of slips and falls
  • Make sure there is an updated fire extinguisher easily available
  • Don’t leave candles burning when you are not in the room anymore
  • Maintain proper lighting, replacing bulbs when needed
  • Keep space heaters away from flammable
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors every six months if not wired
  • Keep cords wound up and not crossing traffic areas


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Keeping the Kids Busy

Working at home with children around presents an additional challenge. Try to make a personal workspace that keeps small fingers from getting around your office equipment. For example, not the kitchen table is always a good idea. Computers, printers, plugs, and chargers need to stay safely separate from small children. Additionally, since they know to avoid interrupting you if there is a phone call or Zoom meeting, have home security rules in place for things such as not answering the door without you. Locked doors, going outside, cooking food, and risky activities such as swimming pools need to have rules according to the age group.

Make Good Routines

Just because you are at home, keep up a good daily routine. Knowing that the kitchen is just a step away might keep you from stopping to eat or take a break, thinking you’ll do it later. Take your lunch break, take a midday break, walk outside and get some sunshine. Don’t isolate yourself. Stay in touch with your friends and co-workers, even meet for lunch. Keep a video chat going when you need a small distraction and feel like you are still in the office.

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Home Security Around the House

Having alarm systems in our homes is getting to be a common element. However, there are so many uses for it beyond sounding an alarm. It tells you if the kids open a door or if they let their friends in. Also, when a delivery arrives at the door, your video doorbell lets you speak with anyone who rings. Outside cameras also sound the alert if there is anything unusual going on around the perimeter. Staying informed keeps you from being distracted by what is going on around you. Even small things like door and window contacts come in handy for placing on drawers or cabinets that need to have childproofing. The contacts send you an alert if small hands are accessing these areas while you are busy. Don’t forget to add home security monitoring. That keeps extra eyes on your home and your family when an emergency arises.

Staying Safely at Home

While businesses are opening up, we are still at home a lot, especially if we are still working there. Home security companies know this and try to assist in keeping your home and family protected, inside and out. At True Home Protection, we have many years of experience in dealing with a large variety of situations. Give us a call and find out what your options are. We carefully listen to you and consider your budget when finding home security solutions to fit you best. Enjoy the time at home and always feel like it is your place of safety as it should be. We’re here to help!