November 2020


New Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security

New Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security You've worked hard to save up for your new home. Whether it is a new build or just new to you, it represents a goal you reached. It is a proud moment to move in with your family, small or large. As you look around, you realize that you are now responsible for keeping the home and family safe. The most rational thing to do is to install a home security system. The FBI reports that there were an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in 2019. The victims of these burglaries lost about $3 billion in

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Choosing a Home Security Company in Austin, TX

Choosing a Home Security Company in Austin, TX No matter where we live, there is always going to be an on-going crime. However, living in a big city will up those odds. Placing home security systems in our residences will help to reduce any risks that may be nearby. But, with so many home security companies to choose from in the Austin area, where do you start?   Know What You Need The place where you start your research is in your own home. Before you begin looking over home alarm systems, you need to know what your home needs

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Why Do I Need to Add Alarm Monitoring?

Why Do I Need to Add Alarm Monitoring? Shop around for security cameras today, and you'll find many models designed for self-monitoring. They come in a sleek package with the promise of easy installation and simplified daily use. While these statements may be valid, there are considerable drawbacks to self-monitoring your home security cameras. Discover the top reasons why you need alarm monitoring for your household system. The details can be eye-opening for many people.   1. Poor Cellphone Coverage   When you self-monitor a home security system, any notifications run through your cellphone. Think about how many missed calls

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5 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Home Security System

5 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Home Security System Investing in home security cameras used to be an expensive project. Wires, video recorders, and monitors added up to a major purchase. In fact, these components may still be serving your San Antonio property today. But, they may be aging in a way that's difficult to notice at first. Explore the top 5 signs that tell you a home security system needs to be updated. There are telltale signs that might stand out right now.   1. Blind Spots If there are home security systems that are older and

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Keeping Your Holiday Packages Safe on Delivery

Keeping Your Holiday Packages Safe on Delivery Ordering your holiday gifts online is one of the most convenient ways to shop. However, they don't always arrive when you're home. It's common for packages to sit on front porches in plain view of the street. Theft becomes an easy opportunity at this point. Discover the simple steps that you can take to ensure safe packages upon holiday delivery. Home security has never been so easy to install and to afford. 1. Keep up With Delivery Schedules Maintain safe packages by knowing when they'll be delivered. Some households have multiple shipments on

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Do Smart Home Devices Save You Money?

Do Smart Home Devices Save You Money? With the addition of smartphones and Wi-Fi connectivity, the world of home devices has had an instant upgrade. Cameras attached to wires and recorders are no longer the norm. Smart devices with wireless connectivity are now at the forefront. As you shop around for smart-home devices, considering their appeal on a practical level is important. In fact, smart home security monitoring and other enhancements actually save you money on several levels.  Deterring Criminal Activity Smart-home security saves you money because it deters bad behavior. Criminals who're looking to deface your property, from graffiti

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Planning Your Home Security for the Travel Season

Planning Your Home Security for the Travel Season Although our world is a little different right now, many are still making travel plans. Especially after this long year, everyone wants to see their families. If you do make plans to go out of town, we want your home to stay safe while you are away. Here are a few home security tips to make a checklist with before you go. We’ll start with the obvious, and work down from there.        Lock it Up When things get hectic before a trip, it is easy to assume things are

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