What Home Security Cameras Work Best for Me?

Choosing the Right Home Security Cameras When determining which type of home security camera you require, it is essential to understand the difference between the two most used systems; wired and wireless security systems. It may seem a natural selection for most of us, but the nuance between the two camera types is in the details. We need to understand what to consider when selecting a pertinent camera system. We are breaking down the difference between wireless and wired security camera, detailing the primary features that may be used in the selection of the solution for your home and business.

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Should You Update Your Security System?

Welcome to the Future of Home Security Most people are confident in the capabilities of their current security systems until something goes wrong. Whether it is an outdated system that does not work at all times, flooding, or fire, then you are less likely protected than you may presume. Thus, an upgrade is required in the near future. An upgrade to your home security systems is not only ideal for protecting you from harm but also offers your business or family additional benefits. To determine if your alarm system is outdated, we evaluate the most prominent features of today’s home

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Summer Time Home Security

Summer Crime & Home Security Systems   It has been a rough start to our year. We are all now hoping that we will get some relief with a summer break. The kids are already home for the next couple of months, at least. We are slowly returning to our places of work, but are still hoping for that vacation. Is your home ready to be left on its own? Let's find out if your home alarm monitoring and alarm systems are up for the challenge.  Safety Plans at Home  Are the kids on their own briefly during the day

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Local Home Security Company vs. Nationwide Company

Finding Home Security That's Right For You You move into a new home and decide your next step is to secure it with the latest Smart Home safety features. How do you pick your security company? In the United States, there are about 14,000 individual contract companies from which you can pick. What are the benefits of going with a local company versus a large nationwide conglomerate? Do you go with a nationally known name? The cheapest prices? Let’s look at some facts to help you make that decision.  Local Company Home Security Systems There are a few local companies

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Is Your Smart Home Safe From Hackers?

Are You Vulnerable to Hackers?   Technology is making our homes smarter every day. We can unlock the door for the child who forgot their key. We can start cooking dinner before we get home. Our doorbell camera told us when our package arrived at the front door. Smart homes have been a big help in our daily routines. With many of these conveniences, are there also risks?  Yes, these wireless devices that we have networking inside our home are opportunities for cybercriminals.  Smart Device Security When we purchase our new smart device, how quickly do we set it up?

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