Finding Home Security That’s Right For You

You move into a new home and decide your next step is to secure it with the latest Smart Home safety features. How do you pick your security company? In the United States, there are about 14,000 individual contract companies from which you can pick. What are the benefits of going with a local company versus a large nationwide conglomerate? Do you go with a nationally known name? The cheapest prices? Let’s look at some facts to help you make that decision. 

Local Company Home Security Systems

There are a few local companies that remain within their founding state. Other than the obvious of supporting local business, why might they be better?

  • Customer Service – When a company is local, they are well familiar with the area. They can make better suggestions on the needs of your neighborhood and circumstances. With a localized company, you’re more of a personalized customer than a number that could get lost in the system. They take your concerns seriously since they know you aren’t far away to follow up on. 
  • Equipment and Installation –  Without millions of customers to schedule, you are more likely to schedule a date that you want. Same-day installation and on-site training of the equipment is more probable. More flexible options are available, rather than mandatory, long-term commitments.
  • Monitoring Services – Many are partnered with a monitoring company, such as Brinks, that specialize only in monitoring with the latest monitoring tools. They can be sure of the training and qualifications of their employees. Local police and safety departments would be more familiar with the smaller company. 

Large National Home Security Chain

Some consumers always go for an established name, but is that always for the best?

  • Customer Service – One of the biggest complaints, when you review Yelp and other sites, is that large company names are not always represented well on a local level. To get a true picture, local reviews would need to be considered. 
  • Equipment and Installation – Many large companies rely on commission-based sales agents. Make sure to stick to your original plan and not allow aggressive tactics to pressure you into unnecessary and expensive add-ons. Check to see if your contract stays with them or if it might be sold to a third party. Verify if the equipment you are paying for is just being leased or will it be yours to keep. 
  • Monitoring  Services – Usually a large nationwide security company has its own in-house alarm monitoring. This can be a good thing when it comes to trying to maintain their quality of service to their customers, but it can also have its disadvantages. With the tens of thousands of calls they receive a day, some think they get spread out a little too much. 

Best Local Home Security in Texas

Finding a security company that fits you may require you to decide what exactly is needed out of this service. As discussed, the localized companies are good for personalized attention, flexible plans, and good quality. Nationwide security companies have their name and reputation at stake. Plenty of years in the business, but limited flexibility. Lengthy contracts, pricey monthly fees, and some are lease-only for the equipment. The key is your research and resolve to make a plan that is best for your family and stick to it as you comb through the options.

True Protection Home Security offers top of the line security equipment paired with over the top customer service and industry-leading alarm monitoring. If you’re looking for a local company you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today for the security system you deserve.