How Does Home Alarm Monitoring Work?

How Does Home Alarm Monitoring Work? When you are shopping around for a home security system, you are encouraged to add home alarm monitoring to the package. What exactly does this do? Maybe you already have a home security system with monitoring, but never really thought too much about its operations. Let's examine the purpose of alarm monitoring, why you need to have it as an addition, and how exactly does it work?  What is Alarm Monitoring? Alarm monitoring is when a central station monitors your home security system. The purpose is to make sure your home has eyes on

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Was Your Home Security’s Wi-Fi Hacked?

Was Your Home Security's Wi-Fi Hacked? With today's technology going wireless with everything from our smartphones to our home security systems, it opens us up to security breaches. We hear about it on the news frequently where big businesses have their data breached. If a large corporation with many security protocols in place gets hacked, how can we keep our homes protected with our limited resources? We all need our internet, and with wireless becoming the popular option it is necessary to learn how to stay safe. Have you ever tried to sign in to your Wi-Fi at home and

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Why Access Control is Important for Your Business

Why Access Control is Important for Your Business Access control is a vital part of the security of your business. It ensures that control is maintained when it comes to restricting only authorized people entering the business property. In fact, access control affects everything we do in our daily activities, whether we realize it or not. Leaving your house to go to work involves many aspects of access control, such as turning on the house alarm or unlocking your car. However, in the field of business security, it involves a lot more in the way of sensitive areas and information.

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