February 2021

Home Security Systems and Landlines

Home Security Systems and Landlines As the era of advanced technology moves forward daily, does this mean our tech from the past gets replaced? Rumors continue to swirl about our 100-year-old landlines leaving us. A survey revealed that in 2017, 52% of adults in the U.S. no longer have landlines in the home. While more users lean toward cellular use, there are still plenty of our devices that connect to landlines. When our home security systems connect with landlines, is there a need to be concerned? What are the options?    Are Landlines Necessary? As the use of landlines declines, companies that

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Home Security Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Home Security Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out On Most of us have some form of home security to protect our family and property. However, with technology's continuous forward movement, there is always a new product on the scene. Alongside security, the smart home trend is now integrating itself with it. Our everyday tasks are being cared for by our virtual assistants in the home. With preprogrammed schedules, nothing goes undone. And, if it does, we are reminded via our smartphones on the app. Today we will look at some up and coming trends in our smart home security industry. Along

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Your Home Security System and Spring Cleaning

Your Home Security System and Spring Cleaning As we begin to climb out of our winter season, Spring comes into view next month. When warmer weather kicks in, some become motivated to open up the windows and start cleaning. Especially after a long quarantine year inside, we need a fresh start. But, don't limit yourself to the immediate home. Go a little deeper and let your chore list include your home security systems. At times, items such as this become an everyday habit and get overlooked. However, home security systems are responsible for you and your family's safety. This is

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