Your Home Security System and Spring Cleaning

As we begin to climb out of our winter season, Spring comes into view next month. When warmer weather kicks in, some become motivated to open up the windows and start cleaning. Especially after a long quarantine year inside, we need a fresh start. But, don’t limit yourself to the immediate home. Go a little deeper and let your chore list include your home security systems. At times, items such as this become an everyday habit and get overlooked. However, home security systems are responsible for you and your family’s safety. This is not an area you want to take lightly or cut corners. Let’s examine what is on the list and why you need to do it. 


Check Your Security System Batteries

First, one of the more obvious reasons to check the system is to refresh the batteries. Depending on if you have wireless or not, there may be just a couple or many batteries to replace. You need to be familiar with your system to know exactly what you have. For example, if your smoke detector uses a 9v battery, you should check it every six months. A good rule for that is when the clocks move forward or back, it has been six months. If you have a lithium battery, they are viable for around ten years. The smoke detector itself needs replacing every ten years, and so no battery would be needing replacement. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to start looking for replacement batteries. Your home security system may begin to get false alarm alerts with a low power source. Most home security battery devices can go from three to five years. Keep an eye out for signs of low batteries with your LCD or beeping indicators. A few of the items on your checklist should be:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Security control panels/keypad
  • Wireless cameras
  • Window and door sensors
  • Smart door locks
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smart thermostat
  • Key fobs

home security system

Check Your Communication Connection

It is vital to run periodic testing on your security system. Many things could interfere with it performing correctly. Have you remodeled lately and come in contact with wiring? Has your landline or internet service changed? Make sure the connections are still intact and working. More often than not, most security companies contact you if they detect an error in the connection to your home. If you want to run a test mode on your system, it is advisable to contact your monitoring station. That way, they are made aware of the reason your system goes dark. Look over your user manual to properly run any test. If you have questions or need help, we are more than happy to assist you with some guidance. 


Look Into Some Upgrades for Your Security System

As you look to do your springtime maintenance, it is also a nice time to see if there are any upgrades that you need or just want. Possible upgrades include a new touchscreen instead of a keypad, higher resolution cameras, and more. A home security system that is more than ten years old should get replaced. Today’s upgrades would not be compatible with most older systems. Landlines are leaving, and cellular is taking over. Wireless communication is the way of the future.

Other than upgrading the security, have you had your eye on some of these new smart home additions? Our smart home additions integrate easily into most home security systems. They work together to bring you convenience and safety at the same time. One example of this might be driveway lights and inside lights turning on as you arrive home. Safety and convenience working for you. 


home security system

Finishing Touches to the Home Security System

Spring cleaning gives us a fresh start to the year. Make your home security system part of the chore list. It means the safety of your family and property. Don’t forget to look for the little items too. Batteries and lightbulbs seem so minor but can make a big difference when we move into storm season this summer. Be prepared, don’t wait until it’s too late. True Home Protection wants you to stay protected at all times. Call us today to see what more we can do for you!