Home Security Includes Emergency Preparedness

If the year 2020 taught us anything, it is to prepare for the unexpected. If you live in a natural disaster zone, such as blizzards, hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes, you may already do this. However, ice storms, hurricanes, and wildfires usually have a season, so we tend to relax outside of that timeframe. Last year, we learned that overnight our environment has the ability to change, and necessities like our paper products and cleaners disappear instantly. What can we do to prepare ahead of time without going overboard and hoarding? Our home security keeps us safely in the house, but what more is needed in a state of emergency? Here is a list of some necessities to keep on hand. 


You never know when a water supply can become unusable. Whether it is from a storm or an event at the water supply, be prepared at home. Bottled water has expiration dates that are usually a couple of years ahead. Experts suggest having one gallon per person for each day. When a new season comes around, rotate out the older water for a new supply. Use the previous stock for things around the house, so you don’t waste it. 


Non-perishable food should be stocked in the cabinets at all times as a rule. The Red Cross suggests a supply of food and water for two weeks for staying in place. The Federal government recommendations for evacuation are 72 hours of supplies if you need to leave. Cans and dry goods have expirations of one or more years. So, use and replenish as needed, but keep a stock. This number depends a lot on your area. Close to a city, you have easier access to supplies that get restocked quicker than in a rural setting. Plan accordingly when you consider your present situation. At times like these, it is important to have your home security in place as well.

Medications and Personal Needs

You can only refill prescriptions as they get close to the refill date. However, don’t wait until the last day to fill it, just in case. Fill as soon as they let you so that you might overlap a little but never run out. Always have your non-prescription medications in supply as well. This would include pain relievers, allergy medication, cough medicine, and more. Don’t forget personal hygiene items either. It is good to have a small first aid kit in the home too. 

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Cleaning Solutions

How fast did those simple items such as bleach and alcohol disappear off the shelves last year? Same as the above items, there is no need to hoard or stash, but you don’t want to run out either. Keep one or two extra of your favorite cleaning items or disinfectants to rotate and restock as you use them.


The power goes out, now what? Your home security might have battery backup, but what about the rest of the house? Now you have to find a way to open and warm up that canned food you stocked. Make sure you have a supply of tools available, such as a manual can opener, Sterno cans that light and heat (like caterers use under the buffet pans), and matches. A few handy extras to have around are a flashlight, multi-tool, batteries, duct tape, and a fire extinguisher. 

Final Word with Home Security

There are endless suggestions for this list of emergency items. However, it will depend on your family and its needs. If you have a baby, you’ll need extras on your list. Pets? Plan with food and other maintenance items. Most of these things listed we use every day and have in the home already. So, the key point we need to remember is to have a little extra. Keep the cabinets full, use and replace. Know where your emergency tools are. At True Protection, we want to keep you and your family safe at all times. As you stay prepared for any emergency, don’t forget to keep up with your everyday home security system. Be sure to keep the batteries fresh in your wireless devices, smoke detectors, and CO sensors. Call us for more helpful suggestions at any time. Always stay prepared and stay safe.


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