5 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Home Security System

Investing in home security cameras used to be an expensive project. Wires, video recorders, and monitors added up to a major purchase. In fact, these components may still be serving your San Antonio property today. But, they may be aging in a way that’s difficult to notice at first. Explore the top 5 signs that tell you a home security system needs to be updated. There are telltale signs that might stand out right now.

1. Blind Spots

If there are home security systems that are older and installed five or even ten years ago, they are now extremely outdated. Presumably, they were the latest devices of the time, but technology improves at lightning speed. Consider each camera’s view of your property. Over the years, you may have noticed areas that don’t have the best coverage. In fact, you may have missed an activity at your Texas property because of blind spots.

However, home security companies cannot resolve these blind spots with older components. A solution may be to add in extra cameras to cover those blind spots, but now you have a mixture of devices serving your property. If an older camera fails, you must buy a new component to replace it. In the end, piecing together a system can get expensive. Most alarm systems come as matched units to save you money and time with installation.

Along with blind spots might be poor quality. Yesterday’s home security monitoring had grainy visuals and limited wide or distance views. Your property may even have black-and-white cameras. An upgrade is usually the best choice to solve blind spots and to offer color views of your home with better night vision. If anyone trespasses, faces and clothing colors are bright and crisp. You can identify a person without any effort. Older systems cannot offer this high level of home security.

2. Ready for Automation

Upgrade those home security cameras when you’re ready for automation. The smart home is the latest trend to hit households. It creates convenience for residents while improving the home’s value at selling time. In general, you can control many components in the house with the touch of your smart device’s screen. You’ll need the latest hubs and security cameras to automate certain things, such as:

-Door locks
-Video doorbells

Home security companies can look over your automation needs and suggest a proper system. You’ll be able to control the cameras, doors, lights, thermostats, and many other devices when they’re part of your system. New components connect to your Wi-Fi or with Z-wave technology, which allows you to operate them from your smartphone or tablet. You can be at home or elsewhere while still controlling the property’s access to others.

Older devices are not compatible to be updated. They don’t have the hardware or software necessary for the upgrade. Ask local professionals about donating your old components or even recycling them. They may still have a viable lifespan but not for your needs. Be sure to purchase a system that has expandable options. You may want to add extra cameras, locks, or lighting to the system in the future. Control everything from the app, which is sharable among your household members. Security has never been so accessible and easy to understand.

3. Solely Manual Monitoring

You may have just moved into a property. It came with an older system that seems to work as expected. The system comes with manual monitoring, which forces you to figure out the components that might be a decade old or more.

When you want home security companies to monitor your Texas property, it’s time to upgrade the system. Most companies can work with a variety of security systems, but they can’t be too old. Older hardware is not compatible to function with a monitored system. Work with a reputable company, such as True Protection, to install the upgrade. We can show you every feature and discuss monitoring details. In the event, there’s an issue at your property, True Protection records and rectifies the situation. Households with seniors or young children will appreciate professional monitoring because accidents and emergencies can happen in just seconds. You’ll know that your family is safe with monitoring activated 24 hours a day.

Monitoring doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor either. With a newly installed alarm system, the accompanying monitoring service is usually a minimal charge. It’s always working in the background. Know that your family will always have a watchful eye on them when the cameras pick up a trespasser or other activity. The appropriate authorities can arrive in little time when you upgrade to a monitored system.

4. Weathered System

Home security cameras get built for the elements. They can withstand normal winds and everyday storms over the years. However, they will break down over time. The housings might crack with the sunlight’s radiation or after being battered by extreme storms. It’s time to upgrade your system when the components look visibly worn. The housing color may not be the same as it once was or instance. There may even be a crack on the glass.
If you have a wired system, look for frayed wires. The wire insulation is tough, but it can crack and wear away. In fact, electrical shorts are commonplace with worn wiring. You may only record part of an activity at your property. If there’s ever a real emergency at your home, don’t trust these home security cameras to capture every moment.

Depending on the weathering extent to your system, True Protection may be able to install a switchover module to enhance your wired or wireless system. It can help your current system with its monitoring for a bit longer. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work with every system, but there’s a chance for your property’s components. If our technicians notice that the system is too weathered for an upgrade, however, it will be time to swap everything out. We can suggest components that fit every budget and security need.

5. No More Firmware Updates

It’s time to upgrade smart home security when firmware updates are no longer available. Firmware is the programming that comes with cameras, hubs, and other components. Periodically, it updates by the manufacturer. There’s a limit to how many upgrades can be applied to certain units, however.

Outdated systems, obsolete printed circuit boards, and other factors can make alarm systems too old to update to the latest firmware. Many Texas households overlook this issue, and they continue using security cameras.
It’s important to note that old firmware can leave your system vulnerable to hacks. Clever individuals might infiltrate the old firmware to see your video feed. They can also find access to the audio portion. Hacking into your system leaves you vulnerable to theft on several levels, including identity, personal belongings, and more. With Alarm.com cellular chip, firmware updates occur automatically to make sure your home security system is always up to date.

Aside from hacking vulnerabilities, you may have problems with system access. Components may virtually disappear from your control hub, or you don’t have access to them through a smartphone app. The firmware is acting quirky in these cases. It cannot operate as it once did because of age and firmware failures. Turning to the professionals at True Protection is an option to see if they can help you with these system errors. Even then, your best option is upgrading the components with free installation and activation by our True Protection professionals.

Call our local office for a FREE quote today at 210-660-6804. True Protection serves the San Antonio area and beyond. Allow us to evaluate your security system and suggest appropriate upgrades. Today’s systems are compact, easy-to-use, and give your property a modern look that’s always secure.

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