Summer Crime & Home Security Systems


It has been a rough start to our year. We are all now hoping that we will get some relief with a summer break. The kids are already home for the next couple of months, at least. We are slowly returning to our places of work, but are still hoping for that vacation. Is your home ready to be left on its own? Let’s find out if your home alarm monitoring and alarm systems are up for the challenge. 

Safety Plans at Home 

Are the kids on their own briefly during the day while you work? Keep them safe. Make sure they know how to use the microwave and handle hot food, fire prevention, internet safety, and such. They should be at an age where they are comfortable being alone and responsible enough to handle situations that may come up. Trusted contacts should be available in case you are out of reach at the moment. Do they have a smartphone with access to a video doorbell? If so, that will help make decisions on whether the door should be opened or not. Make sure they are prepared. Speak to a specialist at True Protection and they can provide valuable information about possible smart home automation additions. Keep the control on your smartphone. You can ensure that your doors are always locked and the alarm monitoring is armed, even if the kids forget. 

Who Else is Watching Your Home?

With so many out of work and out of school, there is a lot of activity around your neighborhood. You can call on True Protection home security monitoring systems to put a package together for your property. Inside cameras can help you keep an eye on the family until you get back. Installing outside cameras is almost a necessity for keeping your home secure. You can be alerted with any motion that comes in your yard. A smartphone or computer is all you need to see how it’s going in the house. With your electronic devices, you can also answer that video doorbell or see what motion alerted outside your home. 


Home Security While You Travel

You have finally wrapped things up at work, and the family has packed the bags. It’s vacation time. The family is ready, but is the house prepared? What can you do to keep your property secure while leaving your house unoccupied? Give True Protection a call, and they can discuss with you what you already have in place and what you may further need. The best thing for your peace of mind would be to add a home alarm system to your list. You may be equipped to see what’s happening on security cameras via your smartphone, but with an alarm monitoring service, they can respond immediately. This quick response time could make the difference in catching an intruder or limiting damage to your home. We want you to have a real vacation. It’s time to relax.


Give us a call at True Protection Home Security, and we can customize alarm systems, especially for your home. We will keep an eye on your home 24/7. We keep our customers safe in Texas.