Welcome to the Future of Home Security

Most people are confident in the capabilities of their current security systems until something goes wrong. Whether it is an outdated system that does not work at all times, flooding, or fire, then you are less likely protected than you may presume. Thus, an upgrade is required in the near future.

An upgrade to your home security systems is not only ideal for protecting you from harm but also offers your business or family additional benefits. To determine if your alarm system is outdated, we evaluate the most prominent features of today’s home security system provided at the alarm.com app.

Real-time Notifications & Alerts

Today’s home alarm systems are interactive. These alarm systems are designed in such a way that they notify the home or business owner for various types of reasons. The notification may be periodic updates or occurrence of an event. These security monitoring systems may be set to monitor specific circumstances such as the opening of the front door and send a notification.

When running a business, it is essential to ensure that you receive a notification on the staff members that armed or disarmed the alarm monitoring systems. The notification may also convey the exact time for the occurrence of the event. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when a power outage occurs in your home?

Improved Signal & Communication

All traditional security systems installed throughout the early 2000s utilized the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). The home system was connected using a copper phone line from a telephone pole or through an underground burial grade cabling. These cables are still functional today, but they are exposed outside the home. These systems are connected from an external box called the Network Interface Device (NID).

These security systems are technically exposed to vandalism. Some earlier security systems were complex enough to integrate mechanisms to notify the homeowner in case of a problem occurring. The notification system is known as the phone line monitoring. The new systems have control units which can communicate with the security system via multiple ways such as over cellular network and IP. The cellular communication may be via local radio networks and phone lines.

Smartphone Security System Control

The recently upgraded systems are equipped with mobile control capability. Users can use their smartphones or web portals to control their security system. These features allow arming or disarming, monitoring, or check alerts from mobile devices.

Now that we are aware of which features to expect in an upgraded security system, we are going to build value in cellular-based security systems vs. Wi-Fi-based systems.

Cellular-Based Security Systems

If you are seriously looking for a solution to protect your home or business, we recommend a cellular-based alarm system offered on the alarm.com app. Cellular technology has altered the home alarm system. The current security system operates like a cell phone where the company or the homeowner can be notified when the system goes down. The cellular security systems eliminated the possibility of burglars disarming the alarm by either cutting wires or the home internet connections. The cellular security system monitoring is the safest and most affordable home security solution that a homeowner can access.

Many companies offer cellular protection, but only a few of them may provide the best features. The best cellular alarm systems, such as those provided in the alarm.com app, have excellent monitoring capabilities. Selecting a reputable cellular system from alarm.com is very important to guarantee the security of your premises. In this section, I will answer two of the most pressing questions that you may have.

What is a Cellular Alarm System?

The cellular security system is a relatively new concept and has been around for just a few years. The cellular security system monitoring has only become mainstream. The system works using a cellular module in the main control panel. The cellular module sends wireless signals via the cellular network to the monitoring station. The module eliminates the use of a home phone line for alarm monitoring.

Why Are Cellular Security Systems the Most Reliable?

Security System PackageMost people still think of the home security system as using the home phone line. The current system is wireless and can be monitored using a variety of ways. The cellular security systems can be controlled using either wired connection, cellular devices, or internet connection. Most companies have preferred the wired home phone system over the years, but it is not reliable. The internet connection is also not a reliable connection mechanism. Cellular communication is more reliable.

The primary reason why cellular home security systems are reliable is the fact that there are no wires to cut. The initial practice has been intruders cutting the phone lines from outsides the house. These cut wires could disrupt the alarm monitoring system, and no signal or alert will be sent. Internet connection is more volatile because a power outage or a disconnection by either a dog or an animal will lead to loss of connectivity.

The cellular security system is not wired or relies on an internet connection. The cellular security monitoring system is effected using a built-in cellular module; thus, it does not require wires. The cellular module is an integrated control panel of the alarm system; therefore, it can send the signal wirelessly via cellular towers. It is impossible to by-pass the cellular system that is why it is more reliable.

Wi-Fi-based Home Security Systems

As established earlier, the best security system is secure, easy-to-use, and affordable. The security system may include home automation features. Unlike wired home security systems that use the phone lines that require extensive installation, the wireless alarm security systems can be installed quickly and conveniently. The convenience does not assure added security. In the wireless system, there is increased exposure, especially when it is not done right. A wireless system, like the wired systems, requires proper security precautions as intruders can jam the network and access the house without tripping the sensors or alarms.

As we have realized, wireless security systems differ significantly. Some run Wi-Fi while others run cellular connection. The Wi-Fi-base security system snips the connection of a wired security system. It would take a hacker to gain access to a house or jam the network; therefore, in some way, the WiFi-based security system is secure.

The Wi-Fi security system is reasonably easy to set up. The most involving task is to find a place to put the control panel, the security cameras, and the sensors. Some Wi-Fi systems contain cellular backup for convenience. Moving the sensors and the cameras may only take a couple of minutes.

The Wi-Fi security system may also have the option to connect to the smart home systems and your phone. This setup means that the wireless alarm system can be armed or disarmed using a smartphone or through digital voice assistants. The Wi-Fi system can incorporate a key fob that can be used to disable the system to avoid accidentally trigger it.

Updating Your Home Security System

All in all, we have seen that most people need to upgrade their security system. The wired system has become outdated due to its inherent vulnerabilities. The upgrades may lead to wireless systems, which may be a Wi-Fi-based or cellular system. The cellular system is by far the superior of the wireless security systems. The Wi-Fi is a typical Do-It-Yourself type of wireless system but can easily be rendered useless through hacking or blocking of internet connection. If you are looking for a security system that will give you full coverage, the cellular security system is the only way to go. Other options may be cost-effective but skimpy in the end.

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