Choosing a Home Security Company in Austin, TX

No matter where we live, there is always going to be an on-going crime. However, living in a big city will up those odds. Placing home security systems in our residences will help to reduce any risks that may be nearby. But, with so many home security companies to choose from in the Austin area, where do you start?


Know What You Need

The place where you start your research is in your own home. Before you begin looking over home alarm systems, you need to know what your home needs to secure it. Start a list as you take a walk around the outside of the house. Write down all the entry points you see, windows, doors, even second-story balconies. These items will need contact sensors that will inform you as they open or close. Now, look at where you want security cameras positioned and how many. Next, walk the interior and do the same thing. Cameras, motion sensors, and any extras to add on, such as smart home devices, add to your list. Also, take into consideration what your neighborhood is like and how your home appears on your property. Is it close to the road or hidden in the back? See your home from a neutral view and judge its accessibility.


What to Ask From a Home Security Company

When you begin your search for a home security company, try to find the one that will match your needs. Are you looking for smart home capabilities to work with your security? Do you want your system to have a monitoring company also? Match up the company that will best fit your home and family’s security requirements. Home security is not an area that you want to cut corners on or try to save money. It helps to ask around and get real-time recommendations from friends and family.
When you have narrowed your search down to just a couple, look over their online reviews from various sources, and gather a variety of opinions. Finally, contact the companies you are interested in and get your quotes. At this time, you can evaluate their customer service and see how they handle your questions. Look for friendly service that gives you straightforward answers.


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Extras to Consider

Once you have chosen the best qualified out of all the Austin home security companies you researched, there are a couple more items to know. Most of the security systems come with advanced technology for the best safety. A good company stays after the install and shows you how it all works, and makes sure you are comfortable with the operations. Good follow-up customer support needs to be available also. Don’t forget your other necessities, such as fire and carbon monoxide detectors. For the older ones, you may also consider life alert and panic buttons for emergencies.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, when you decide to have a home security system put into place, the city of Austin requires you to apply for a residential alarm permit. The fee is $50.00 for 12 months. There are steep fees for operating an alarm system without having a proper permit.

When you are making your decisions, True Protection is here to help you. We are a local company that you will see on the top Austin Home Security Companies when you start researching. We provide all the above qualifications and would be happy to assist you in any way. Our goal as a company is to keep you and your family safe in the beautiful city of Austin. We are proud to live here too and view you as our neighbors. Give us a call today!
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