Best Home Security When You Travel Often

The best home security systems are the ones that fit you and your family’s lifestyle. If there are kids, pets, or frequent visitors, you require a different alarm system than someone who travels a lot and is rarely home. Thankfully, most reputable home security companies allow you to customize your home security to be the most effective for your unique needs. Let’s focus on one type of homeowner today, and that is the frequent flier. Since you travel most of the time, does that mean that you need more or less home security coverage?

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Keep the House Looking Lived In

If you often travel, it is important to keep your home in a routine. Burglars look for closed-up houses with no signs of activity. Having smart home options added to your home security keeps your house looking busy. Programming allows you to schedule when you want your lights to come on in different rooms. The TV turns on at a pre-determined time for your favorite show and then turns off. Smart devices get either scheduled or manually controlled on your smartphone. There is no end to what your home can do.

However, closing your window blinds or curtains completely gives the house a vacant look. Instead, there are smart blinds and curtains that open and close when you want them to. This daily routine makes it look like someone is there every day. In addition, knowing your blinds open up during the day, be sure to put away any valuables that become viewable from the windows.

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Make Friends With the Neighbors

There’s nothing like having good neighbors watching out for your home while you’re away. It’s like having an extra layer of home security. Some have enlisted these next-door friends to park their car in the vacant house to give it an at-home appearance. Neighbors also can look out for newspapers or mail to keep it from stacking up. If you have pets, then a housesitter may be best.

If you are not close to your neighbors, having an alarm monitoring company also watches out for activity around the property. With 24/7 eyes on your home, nothing will go undetected. Your home security cameras pick up any motion and pass the alert to your home security monitoring company and you.

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Extras to Add to Your Home Security Checklist

Knowing you are away a lot and your home security system is in charge, ensure that updates are regular. Stay on top of the maintenance of your system, whether it is a good cleaning or software. When you are away, you are counting on quick and accurate alerts from your security. Before you go out of town, check the batteries, lenses, and bulbs of your devices to see that they are in their best operating order. A few other to-do items might be:

  • Keep outside tools and ladders locked away
  • Continue your lawn, pool, and cleaning services
  • Don’t announce your trip on social media
  • Use a smart thermostat to save energy, but prevent extremes inside
  • Add flooding sensors to vulnerable areas for water leaks
  • Smart locks allow you to let someone in for necessities
  • Unplug nonessential items in the house


Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

Just because you are away a lot does not mean that your house has to be left uncared for. Contact us at True Protection Home Security, and we will assist you with more home safety tips. Our security experts know what it takes to keep homes and businesses safe at all times. There is no single solution that works for everyone. We listen to you and find the perfect security plan that goes with your home and lifestyle. Home alarm systems are a vital part of giving you peace of mind. Time away from your house should not be full of worry and distraction. Give us a call today to learn more!