Does Customer Service Affect Your Home Security?

When you are researching home security companies, most of the equipment looks about the same. They all have standard equipment, and some are sure to carry the latest. Also, monitoring your alarm system is usually an option. So, where are the differences? What is something that makes or breaks your decision to go with a specific company? Usually, something that stands out right away is their customer service. This is actually an extremely important ingredient for being satisfied with your new home security system. What’s more, your safety and protection may depend on quick attentive customer service.


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What Should Customer Service Look Like?

NO: Customer service can make or break a company’s reputation. A first impression starts with that initial phone call. If the first person you speak with at a home security company starts with a hard sales pitch, that’s not a good sign. With this same tactic, all of your contact information will be gleaned right away before any casual conversation is started. They do this so that if the sales get cut short, you have now given them a way to call, text, or email you to continue the sales pitch later. If you do happen to sign on with them, this type of service most likely carries over. When an issue arises, customer service does little more than to point out the terms of the contract rather than work with you.

YES: The same first impression comes with good customer service. A friendly first call makes you feel like you know them already. A good speaking voice on the phone allows you to feel them smiling. They listen to what your home needs are and your concerns before offering solutions. Even after the initial sales, you need to be able to count on future support. No company or their equipment is perfect. There will be the occasional bad piece of equipment or service rep that is having a bad day. However, it is the company environment as a whole that you want to be comfortable with.


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What More to Look For?

Friendly and caring customer service goes far past just the sales process. Next, you have your trained technicians come out to install your new home security system. It is important that they are skilled and know how to do the job right. Also, they won’t be in a hurry to do the installation and quickly run off. A good technician walks you through the operations of your new alarm system. Then, if you are still unsure of what you are doing, they have no problem staying until you are comfortable with operating everything.

After the sales and installation are complete, customer service continues. Is one of your devices not working properly? You should have no hesitation to reach out and call your security company. Good customer service is always ready to assist with anything you need. Another important area that requires good customer care is the service that provides all the alarm monitoring for your system. Nothing is more important than getting emergency assistance to your home in a fast, efficient manner.



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How Do I Find the Best Customer Care?

When customers are put as the priority, the company becomes successful. At True Home Protection, we might supply home security systems, but our priority is to keep you, our customer, safe and happy. We may be one of many home security companies out there, but we have the advantage of being a local company that is tuned into neighborhood safety concerns. Please look up our reviews to get a real and accurate idea of how well our company cares for our customers. Call us today to give us an idea of your home needs. We can’t wait to add you to our family and give you True Home Protection!