What a Burglar Sees When He Looks at Your House

You chose your home in what most would say is a nice neighborhood. Your home sits off the road a little for some privacy. Your landscaping glows from the fresh mowing out front, and in the backyard, you have quiet woods that relax you after work. The kids stay inside and play their new video game system to wind down from school. You leave your windows cracked when you run errands because the fall weather has a crisp feel to it. You load up your bike to go on your daily 10-mile ride. No need for a home security system. Sounds perfect, right? Yes, but also perfect for the burglar that has been watching your home and routine for the past week. Your house has told him the following:

home security system


  • You have money to live in this neighborhood, a nice car
  • A landscaping service cares for your lawn, extra money
  • There is a nice escape route through your woodsy backyard
  • If there is an alarm system, you don’t use it with the windows open
  • The garbage had the new gaming system empty box, maybe more
  • You are gone daily at the same time on your bike


What Else Gives You Away

That previous scenario is when the burglar is planning it out. However, you also have the opportunist thief that may not be as patient. This criminal drives around or walks through the neighborhood and looks for a house without a home security system. Also, a home where the owners are out of town. What gives this home away?

  • Flyers in the door, mail piled in the box, papers in the driveway
  • They knock on your door to see if anyone answers
  • Social media announced that you’re so excited about the vacation
  • The hide-a-key was still under that fake rock by the door
  • No security video cameras present
  • Looking in the window reveals valuable laying out
  • Older windows easily jiggled open, or sliding door lifts easily
  • No lights come on at night
  • Blinds and curtains stay closed all-day


How Home Security Avoids Target Mode


The best way to avoid having your house targeted is a home security system. There is no way around that fact. Having home security with alarm monitoring will eliminate almost all the above qualifications a burglar would look for in your home. It would do this by:

  • Visible security cameras let them know they are on video 24/7
  • Motions sensors on your outdoor lights put a spotlight on them
  • Arming a system requires you closed all windows and doors

If you add smart home features to your home security system, it adds even more layers of protection. Smart home devices allow you to control features you forgot to turn on before you left home.

  • Garage door alerts that it is still open, remotely close
  • Check to see that smart locks are secure, remotely lock
  • Smart bulbs can turn the house lights on with a schedule or remotely
  • TVs and radios can be scheduled or turned on remotely to mimic someone being home
  • View indoor and outside cameras with your app from anywhere


Home Security Extras to Remember

Although your home security system does most of the work, it is up to you to do the extras. There are always going to be good suggestions, such as having good neighbors pick up your mail, papers, or flyers at the door. Don’t throw out that huge 65″ TV box next to your garbage can. Break it down for recycling, and hide it. For more suggestions on how to keep safe and make your home unappealing to the potential intruder, give us a call at True Home Protection. Our expert security assistants can advise you on the best way to protect your home. Give us a call today!