Discover the Energy Saving Features of the Alarm.com Thermostat

Discover the Energy Saving Features of the Alarm.com Thermostat There are plenty of advantages to modern technology, so why shouldn't every aspect of your life benefit? Keeping tabs on your energy usage and utility bills doesn't have to be an ordeal. Fortunately, our innovative new Alarm.com thermostat makes it possible to save without needing to skimp on comforts or perform budget-balancing magic. The Alarm.com Thermostat is Designed for Simplicity Our latest offering from Alarm.com is engineered to perfection. This straightforward device integrates seamlessly into your current or new True Protection home security system, so you can control everything from a

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San Antonio Crime Update

San Antonio Crime Update Crime in San Antonio will continue to be a topic of discussion as the city grows and attracts new residents. At True Protection we value the safety and security of San Antonio and all of its residents. The following San Antonio crime information is provided to help inform and educate individuals to better protect their homes, businesses, and families. Crime Summary For the year of 2016, San Antonio is on track for a 10.89% increase in total crime across the city from last year. From February to March of 2016, crime is actually down by 1.83%.

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Austin, TX Property Crime

Austin, TX Property Crime Since only a fraction of the crimes committed in Austin make it onto the local news broadcasts, most people have no idea how many crimes really take place each day. They may not even think about it until they become the victim of one. Property crimes are problematic in Austin and are above national averages. On September 20, 2015, there were about 100 crimes reported during the day that were classified as theft, burglary, arson or vandalism. According to the local KXAN News, the Austin Police Department is backlogged with property crimes by more than 48

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The Evolution of Home Security Technology

The Evolution of Home Security Technology If you have ever read a science fiction novel or watched a science fiction movie, you have probably thought, “Will we ever see this technology in the real world?” In many cases, the answer is surprisingly yes! With advancements in technology, it is amazing to see how far our traditional home security systems have come. Most “techy” people have an understanding of what home automation is capable of. However, the average user of an outdated security system has no idea about what their system could do with just a few upgrades! It may be

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Why You Should have Residential Video Surveillance

Why You Should have Residential Video Surveillance With summer finally here, most of us will be out of the house much of the time, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. While this is great for our health and our social lives, it can also be a boon to criminals, who take advantage of vacant homes to commit burglaries or vandalize properties. There’s a solution, though. Residential video surveillance can deter the bad guys or even catch them in the act, as the following people found out for themselves.   Busted in Boynton Jeanne Thomas lives in Boynton, Florida. She loves

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