Discover the Energy Saving Features of the Thermostat

There are plenty of advantages to modern technology, so why shouldn’t every aspect of your life benefit? Keeping tabs on your energy usage and utility bills doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Fortunately, our innovative new thermostat makes it possible to save without needing to skimp on comforts or perform budget-balancing magic.

The Thermostat is Designed for Simplicity

Our latest offering from is engineered to perfection. This straightforward device integrates seamlessly into your current or new True Protection home security system, so you can control everything from a single, convenient location.

Unlike many alternatives, the Smart Thermostat offers a sleek profile and a clutter-free interface. This device is by no means lacking in energy-saving ability, but it’s definitely nice to be able to get all the information you need at a quick glance.

Making It Easier to Conserve

Of course, a thermostat is only as good as its functions. Some of this model’s biggest advantages revolve around the different ways it optimizes your energy usage:

Learning From Your Security System

Unlike standalone devices, this thermostat is connected to every feedback sensor in your home security setup. This gives you the power to adjust each room accurately and fine-tune your preferences with far more ease. The thermostat simply creates optimal conditions based on data from windows, doors, motion and other kinds of sensor information.

Reacting to Your Presence

Why should you have to hunt for the most comfortable spots in your home? This thermostat relies on wireless sensor devices to provide room-by-room control with minimal hassle.

The Smart Thermostat precisely determines temperatures in every room of your residence and devotes the most attention to the places you spend the most time in. This makes it possible to schedule your ideal level of heating and cooling to reduce wasted energy or settle on an average that keeps everyone comfortable.

You can even set up your thermostat to react to your location when you’re out and about. Simply connect to optional Geo-Services and other feedback data. The thermostat will then prepare the ideal conditions just in time for you to get home from work or your errands. It’s even smart enough to adjust when your schedule changes unexpectedly along the way.

Saving Energy Intelligently and Proactively

The thermostat simultaneously reads sensors from your windows and doors, Geo-Services and the security system’s overall readiness state. Having this data available lets it do way more in terms of saving.

Feel like opening a window or outside door? The thermostat cuts back on AC so that you’re not paying for cool air that just goes to waste. Have to run out on a quick errand? The thermostat responds accordingly and switches to an energy-saving mode. Best of all, these behaviors are built in, so you don’t have to spend time programming complicated settings or remember to make adjustments.

Sensing Your Home’s Surroundings

The weather isn’t always predictable. When local conditions take a sharp turn, you can count on the Smart Thermostat to adjust itself without demanding input from you. On extra hot or cold days, which are traditionally known for higher climate control costs, it resets to minimize how much you ultimately spend.

Working with Your Energy Provider

Many power companies facilitate demand-response programs with the goal of raising energy grid efficiency. These schemes commonly include special rates for peak, time-based and other forms of usage. Because it’s compatible with these programs, the smart thermostat might qualify you for additional rate discounts or other incentives from your utility provider.

Keeping You Safer in Emergencies

When a fire, carbon monoxide or toxic gas leak threatens your home, having your AC or heating running often makes the situation worse. This thermostat responds to situational hazards by automatically shutting down HVAC devices as necessary. Instead of spreading flames, smoke or noxious vapors, the system works to limit your exposure.

The Advantages of Total Integration

True,  other so-called “smart” devices have their benefits. Few, however, achieve the comprehensive compatibility needed to really make your entire home smart.

As the world’s first smart-home specific thermostat, this model lets you do everything from one mobile app. In addition to making control and customization more convenient, it gives you extra incentive to monitor your energy usage. Because it’s connected to a secure, cloud-based platform that features regular updates, the system will only get more reliable and capable with time.

Ready to learn how an thermostat might make your life more enjoyable and lower your energy bills? Upgrade your home now by getting in touch with a True Protection specialist