Why You Should have Residential Video Surveillance

With summer finally here, most of us will be out of the house much of the time, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. While this is great for our health and our social lives, it can also be a boon to criminals, who take advantage of vacant homes to commit burglaries or vandalize properties. There’s a solution, though. Residential video surveillance can deter the bad guys or even catch them in the act, as the following people found out for themselves.


Busted in Boynton

Jeanne Thomas lives in Boynton, Florida. She loves the Sunshine State’s beaches and friendly people but not its high crime rate. After her home was broken into in 2012, she had cameras installed in her home, so she could keep an eye on things while she was away.


Her investment paid off a few months later. She checked the cameras while away from her home through her smartphone. What she saw shocked her. Walking around her home at that exact moment was a burglar helping himself to her food and drink while gathering items to steal!


Jeanne immediately called the police, who surrounded the home and caught the intruder. Jeanne later told reporters that her husband had originally opposed investing in remote video home alarm monitoring, but now he was glad that she had the foresight to do so. Their home was kept safe and a lawbreaker was taken off the street thanks to this marvelous technology.


Nabbed in New York

Levant Centiner works at New York City’s School of Visual Arts helping talented young designers prepare for their futures. He lives a few blocks from the school and became worried after he heard of several break-ins around the area, so he invested in a home alarm system that kept an eye on things in his house and sent images directly to his email account. He was amazed when he checked his messages and saw several pictures of a stranger climbing in through his window, tearing through his belongings, and then kicking back on his couch and watching his TV! Like Jeanne, he called local police, who showed up a few minutes later and nabbed the intruder. Levant now recommends that everyone invest in a home security monitoring system.


Advantages of Modern Video Monitoring Systems

Sometimes, we speak to people who are unaware of the giant leaps in-home security technology that has occurred in the last few years. They still think of home security cameras as being huge, complicated to operate, and dependent on VHS tapes or other old-fashioned recording systems.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s cameras are about the size of a deck of cards and come in a variety of shapes and styles to meet the owner’s exact needs. They can even be set up to operate wirelessly. Even more convenient, is their ability to send the images they record directly to an ultra-secure Internet site, where you can check them whenever. You can even have images sent directly to your laptop, tablet device, or phone, no matter where you are.


Not all Systems are Created Equal

That’s not to say that all remote video products are good investments. So-called “do it yourself” products frequently have a host of problems, from shoddy construction to poor image quality. That’s why we recommend you let us install and configure your home security cameras. We use only top-quality components and alarm monitoring installed by our highly-trained technicians, so you’re assured of the best service available. Our systems can even run for several hours during a total black-out when criminals are usually most active, so give us a call today. We can make your home safe and secure while giving you peace of mind.