Teaching Your Children About Home Security

It’s good to have a home security system protecting the family. You have a system that you picked out carefully and customized to your needs. Before your installers left, they gave you a tour of how to work all the features. Now, you feel really informed. You can work the app and access your smart home features before you pull into the driveway. You seem to be all set. However, the day comes when everyone is going back to school and work. Now the bigger kids will be letting themselves in and out of the house. Are they as skilled at working your home security system as you? What other security issues may be beneficial to go over with the kids?

Arming / Disarming the Home Security System

First and foremost, they need to know how to turn the home security system on and off. Have your children watch the routine and get familiar with it. Then, give them the chance to enter the code over a course of time while you are there with them. This habit gets you and them comfortable with the operation of the system.

An additional item to go over with the kids is keeping your home security codes and passwords confidential. Remind them that this is for family only and is not to be shared with friends or anyone else, ever. Encourage them to discuss it with you if someone ever asks for this information.

What to Check Before They Leave

The best time to get the family in a good security routine is before you need it. Anytime before you take the children out of the house, have them go through a short checklist of how to lock up. Show them how to do a quick walk-through looking at the window and door locks. They should never assume that someone else did it. If you have them do this every time you go out somewhere, it gets to be a good, quick habit.

Stay Safe at Home

Now, they know how to turn the home security system off and on, and how to lock up the house tightly. They almost qualify to leave at home alone. What’s left? How about a few simple safety rules. Depending on their age, you may make using kitchen knives or other sharp items off-limits until you get home to assist. Other items to avoid may be lighters or other fire sources. Go over kitchen safety and agree on chores they can do and others that must wait.

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A popular safety item is their computer and electronic usage. They need to know how to stay safe online. This is best achieved with an open discussion of who it is appropriate to communicate with and what information they should never share. Of course, these types of rules are gone over at school and on TV, but it still comes across as more important if you share it with them.

Emergency! What to Do

Although rare, there is always the possibility that an emergency will arise at the house while you are gone. This possible situation is also best prepared for with a few practice sessions. Ask questions, “What would you do if …..” and see what they say. Then, go over a strategy and a plan. Every once in a while, go over it again with a refresher and even change anything needed. These home security emergencies could include someone at the door, a fire, or even stormy weather. There should also be a phone list of family and trusted friends and neighbors that the children can reach out to if for any reason you are unavailable. If they really need immediate assistance, call 911.

Being Prepared with Your Home Security

All of our families are different and there are no strict guidelines that apply to every child. You know them best and what they are capable of. When speaking with them, be positive and don’t scare them with oversharing facts. Just using caution is what you are trying to leave them with.

Thankfully, having a home security system with True Protection simplifies many of these security needs. Our systems have smart locks that let you remotely operate them with an app. Also, you can see on your video doorbell is someone comes to the door. The children would not even have to answer it. Security cameras inside and outside let you check in whenever needed, no matter where you are. With the smart home features connected to our home security system, it is as if you were there too. It is a little stressful when you first leave the children on their own, but we make sure to make it an easier process. Call us today to find out more.

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