7 Things a Burglar Wants From You

When a burglar breaks into your home, they are usually in and out within 10 minutes or so. In order to be quick and productive, they have set items in their mind of what to grab. Know what these items are, you can go to greater lengths to secure them. Let’s examine what seven of these top items are and what you can do about it, outside of having home security systems.

#1 Cash

Of course, cash is the most sought after item. It is untraceable and used anywhere. There is no need to run it through a third person to be profitable. It is never a good idea to keep large amounts of cash around the house, especially without home security. You may think you have the perfect hiding place in the freezer or sock drawer, but thieves know these spots already. Unless you have a real safe that is too big to carry, keep the cash in the bank where it belongs.

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#2 Jewelry

Jewelry is another popular item that is obviously on the top of the thief’s list. There are drawbacks as far as trying to resell jewelry for cash, but it pays off with it being a small and easy grab-and-go item to throw in the bag. Just as with the cash, hiding it in the back of the closet won’t work. This type of hiding spot is second nature to the thief. Sentimental items and very expensive pieces should be in a safe or safety deposit box, even with home security. Any kind of jewelry should be kept out of sight. Keep a picture or video inventory of your jewelry to present to the insurance company or the police for reference.

#3 Electronics

Electronics covers a big field. You have your computers, game systems, phones, tablets, and more. Keep in mind, the thief wants smaller and easy to carry things so they can move quickly. This lowers the risk of a TV or your desktop getting taken. Unless, of course, they know you are out of town and they have unlimited time unless your home security is recording them. Safety precautions for your electronics include keeping a list of your serial numbers for them making them easier to track. Also, avoid keeping personal information on them and always have them password protected.

#4 Prescription Drugs

A burglar probably does not have the same health issues as you, but he can get street value on reselling your important medications. If your medications are very expensive and vital, it may be wise to use a locked medicine cabinet. Save yourself the hardship of trying to get it replaced.

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#5 Guns and Knives

Guns and knives are definitely something to keep under lock and key. Thieves will gladly take these off your hands. Whether for personal use or resale, these are grab-and-go items. Having a large gun safe will make it harder to access or carry away. Also, be sure everything is registered in case you need to try and track them. Remember, guns do not take the place of home security systems.

#6 Personal Identity

Something you may overlook as valuable is your personal identity. Don’t leave out important papers with all your personal information listed, such as bank records or tax forms. A handful of these types of papers in the wrong hands could destroy your credit and identity. Birth certificates, social security cards, and the like should be locked up in a file cabinet or bank safety deposit box.

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#7 Keys

Your keys that you leave hanging at the front door is another overlooked item. If the thief grabs your handful of keys, now what can they access? Do they go to your car, house, safe, or the shed maybe? Even if your intruder is not planning on personally coming back, they can sell it to another opportunist who will. Changing the locks after the theft of your keys is a definite to-do.

Importance of Home Security Systems

Home burglary is sadly a common occurrence. All you can do is prepare yourself and your home. The best way to do this is by installing one of the home security systems that would fit you. At True Protection Home Security, your home and valuables are locked up tightly. Using the best and latest equipment, your home and family are protected with 24/7 live monitoring with cameras watching an intruder’s every move, if they even get in the home in the first place. When alarms are triggered, the monitoring station immediately sends out the first responders that are needed. Still, you need to do your part and keep things locked up and out of sight. Think ahead and make an inventory of your valuable items and electronics, including serial numbers. Don’t be a statistic, make it hard to get to your home and valuables. Stay aware and safe!