How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

Many residents choose to put home security systems in place as a layer of protection. Doing so gives us a sense of safety and brings peace of mind to our daily routine. However, there is something to add to our home security systems that make them even more effective, and that is alarm monitoring. Due to the convenience of receiving alerts on your smartphone from your home security, alarm monitoring may not seem necessary. Let’s consider how exactly does alarm monitoring works and what are the benefits of having it done professionally rather than self-monitoring your system?


How Does Alarm Monitoring Work for You?

Alarm monitoring enhances the work your home security system does. Your security system monitors your sensors and cameras placed throughout your property. If a sensor is triggered, it goes to the central control panel and sounds and alarm. At the same time, you receive an alert on your smartphone, PC, or another web-capable device. Having alarm monitoring set up sends out an additional alert. This one goes to the monitoring company. When they receive the alert, they verify the emergency and then send the appropriate first responders to the scene.


alarm monitoring

Monitoring your home with a smartphone.

Why Can’t I Self-Monitor and Save Money?

Of course, you can self-monitor, but is it really worth the risk? When you do it yourself, what guarantees that you are available to answer the alarm at home. You may not have cellular service in the area where you are. Or, you are in the middle of that important meeting at work, leaving the phone on your desk not knowing the smoke detector is going off at home. What do you do? Even if you see the alarm, you need to go through the process of figuring out what is happening and who do you need to call. When there is an emergency at home, a quick response is vital to minimize damage.


With professional monitoring, you can relax knowing someone else is watching your house 24/7. If you happen to be in that meeting and your smoke detector goes off at the house, your monitoring company tries to contact you to verify. But, in the event you are not available, they still quickly get emergency services to your home.


Is It Worth the Extra Fee?

Without considering the benefits of alarm monitoring, many hesitate to add it to their system due to the monthly fee. Alarm monitoring costs anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00 on average. The price difference is affected by the type of alarm monitoring used. Is it on a telephone landline, broadband internet, or cellular service? Also, you have to consider the amount of equipment that you want to monitor. Without professional monitoring, if there is an intruder in the house, he will most likely be gone by the time you monitor, investigate, find out who to call, and get to your home. On average, a home burglary results in about $2,416 in property losses. If it is the case of a fire at the house, the loss becomes more extensive. Especially in the case of a fire or flooding, quick response time to the home with assistance makes a big difference in preventing further damage.


alarm monitoring disarm

Disarming your security system with the control panel.

Making Your Home the Safest It Can Be

Your decisions all come down to your needs, your budget, and your unique home. Think about your daily routine and availability to be on the alert if you choose to forgo professional home alarm monitoring. If you feel like we can be of assistance to you, call us at True Protection Home Security. Our security experts know the best options to offer after listening to your needs. Our goal is to keep you protected to the best of our ability while meeting your expectations and budget. Call us today to learn more!