Best Houston Home Security Systems of 2021


The reason that there are so many home security companies in the Houston area goes beyond high crime rates. The fact is, no single property has the exact same needs as another. Also, each company has different options to offer when it comes to home security systems. For this reason, the different varieties of home security companies and their specialties appeal to different people. If you do your research, though, there are distinct differences. It benefits you to look them over before committing to a company since there is usually a contract. Not to mention, you count on them to keep your family and property safe. Let’s look over a couple of the more popular home security companies and see why they appeal to so many customers. 

ADT Home security systems


ADT Security Services

ADT is a security company that is known as a common household name when it comes to home security systems. Much of this is because of being in the security business for almost 150 years. They are a nationwide company with over six million customers. Their security systems protect both residential homes and businesses. Due to the size of their company, some tend to feel that they get lost in the masses and prefer a smaller local company. Others feel safe with a well-established presence. 


ADT offers three main packages. Their monthly monitoring prices range from $28.99 to $52.99 a month. The home security devices work with smart home equipment, such as Z-Wave, Kwikset, or Alexa. A 36-month contract is required. Service and installation charges depend on which system you choose, along with services and equipment. It is possible to activate existing systems already in the home for $19.99 a month. You lease the equipment from ADT and pay it in the monthly fee. 



  • Digital Control Panel with Alarm and Backup Battery
  • Security Cameras, Video Doorbell, Door and Window Contacts
  • Smart Home Automation Devices
  • Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Yard Signs and Window Decals
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Mobile App and ADT Go

alert 360 security

Alert 360

Alert 360 is another one of the popular home security companies you have probably heard of. They have been in business for almost 50 years. Their customer base is also large, serving almost a quarter of a million people across the lower half of the United States, including Houston, TX. 


Alert 360 offers a contract as optional. But, without a contract, you pay for your equipment upfront. The typical contract runs for 36 months. Their packages all come with a camera and mobile app access. Upgraded existing alarm systems start at $15.95. Professional monitoring begins at $39.99 a month. There is no DIY for installation. The professional install costs between $99.00 and $149.00 to ensure it gets done correctly. 



  • Touchscreen control panel 
  • Security cameras, touchless video doorbell, door and window contacts, keyless locks, motion sensors, glass break sensors
  • Smart home automation devices
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Mobile app

Home Security Systems with True Protection

True Protection Home Security

True Protection founders came together to start their own company after many years of working in the security industry. After over a decade of servicing Houston and surrounding areas throughout Texas, they have built a loyal customer base. Being a local company allows them to get to know their customers. Also, it allows them to stay informed of the local crime and security needs. True Protection cares for residential as well as business security. 


True Protection uses the latest technology in its security equipment. There are four main packages offered that you customize to get the perfect fit for your home. 2 GIG cellular control panels ensure a reliable connection to your alarm system at all times. If you prefer, they offer a DIY option for your equipment installation to get you started during the Covid outbreak with which they walk you through installation. Alarm systems are brought to you by True, and Brinks Home Security provides the alarm monitoring service. It is hard to beat their price-matching guarantee. 



  • Touchscreen control panel with battery backup
  • Security cameras, touchless video doorbell, door and window sensors, keyless locks, motion sensors, glass break sensors
  • Smart home automation devices
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Mobile app


Choose the Best Home Security System to Protect You

Are you ready to protect your home with the best home security system available? If so, contact your home security company in regards to your system and its alarm monitoring. Preferably, do this before the construction begins. Let them know what is changing, moving, or getting added. At True Protection Home Security, we have experts that help you plan this out. We want to make sure that your home security service is not interrupted by wires getting cut or sensors not properly placed back.