Home Security Upgrades and Remodeling


Summer is known as a popular time to do some remodeling to the house. This could be due to the fact that there are longer days to work with sunlight, or you may have a little vacation time off. But, whatever reason you have, there is a lot of planning that goes into it. When you decide to change or add a room, it is also a great time to look over your home security and alarm monitoring. While you have walls and wires exposed or going to repaint things, you might look to see if you want updated or additional home security devices. Here are a few things you may want to consider.

Yes, you are looking for ways to upgrade while you have walls and wires exposed and maybe some repainting, but still, plan for the future also. Since the smart home security industry is continuously evolving and updating, continue to plan for adding devices and changing things out.

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Thermostat, Window, and Door Sensors

If you want to upgrade to a smart thermostat, its efficiency depends on managing room temperatures and lowering wasted energy. Some thermostats require wiring, while others do not. If you need hardwired sensors for your thermostat, now would be the time to add or move them if you are exposing walls. It depends on the brand of thermostat that you have.

When it comes to windows and doors, whenever you change them out, make sure to check that the sensors properly fit the newly remodeled item. Large glass panes don’t move, but having glass break sensors close by lets you know if anyone does or is trying to break the window. While you are working on the windows, you may want to add some smart home blinds. There are those that are smart enough to open when it’s daylight and close when it gets dark. Also, you have remote control using your smartphone to alter the schedule and manually operate if you are out of town. They are a valuable asset in your home security system.

Security Cameras

Remodeling is an ideal time to take a good look at devices that come as wired. Examine your home security cameras and see if there is a need for additional cameras inside or out. Although there are wireless options, your network may be weak on the far side of the house. Or, you tire from changing batteries on the frequently used cameras. Whatever your reason, remodeling is a good time to opt for wired cameras if you prefer. Home security cameras have become advanced enough to include crystal clear night vision and two-way speaking conversation capability.

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Extra Things to Consider

There are other additions to think about in the way of upgrading your home security. When you think of security, it is usually anything that means protecting you and your family. With this in mind, think about your locks and entry points. Other than the window and door sensors, consider changing your door locks to keyless. Maintain control of locking and unlocking when you are away and someone needs in by using your smartphone app. Also, don’t forget about your garage door for remote control while you are not home. Most importantly, upgrade your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to work with your home hub. This ensures you get immediate assistance in an emergency.

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Home Security and Your Alarm Monitoring

When you undertake this project, contact your home security company in regards to your system and its alarm monitoring. Preferably, do this before the construction begins. Let them know what is changing, moving, or getting added. At True Protection Home Security, we have experts that help you plan this out. We want to make sure that your home security service is not interrupted by wires getting cut or sensors not properly placed back.