How to Create a Safer Neighborhood

There are many different reasons that someone chooses a certain neighborhood to move to. Your home choice usually revolves around good schools, family nearby, or your job. However, development and growth have a way of changing your neighborhood when a new company or a university decides to build in the area, for example. Or, a new subdivision may eventually turn into rentals as the owners move away over the years. All of this influences the neighborhood that you happily settled your family into a couple of years ago. But, even though the neighborhood undergoes changes, it doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. You and each individual neighbor have a lot of influence as to how to keep the area safe for your families. There are many things we have the power to do to create a safe atmosphere in addition to having our home alarm systems.

Be a Good Neighbor

One of the best things to do in order to maintain control of your neighborhood is to get acquainted with your neighbors. This is especially true for those right next to you. When neighbors know each other, it makes it easier to identify anyone who is out of place in the area. Good neighbors make the best security guards in addition to your alarm systems. If they see something suspicious, they are quick to go out and see what is going on. Or, they might give you a call and let you know what they are seeing. Some neighborhoods want to keep their area safe and form Neighborhood Watch teams. When potential troublemakers are in your area, they see active neighbors moving around, along with signs warning of the Neighborhood Watch program.

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Keep Up Your Yard and Make it Tidy

Another known crime discouragement is having a neat and tidy yard. Although your HOA usually makes sure this gets done, there are a few other tips to keep crime away from your home when it comes to your yard. Having your yard items put away and locked up keeps any opportunists from passing by and helping themselves. This also prevents intruders from using your own tools against you, such ad a ladder to access windows. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed back away from the house. You don’t want to make an area that is not easily viewable for someone to hide in. Speaking of hiding spots, be sure to have the yard lit up at night or lights that activate with detected motion.

Have a Visible Home Security and Alarm Systems

A home security system lets everyone know that you value your home and family. Yard signs warn away the burglars, along with your security cameras. The video doorbell watches over the front door and yard to alert you in the event anyone approaches the house. But even more, home security is a good influence on your neighbors. It becomes a topic of conversation and then it becomes part of their home too. When more neighbors have security, the neighborhood as a whole becomes safer. Intruders look for easy access and opportunities. When several yards have signs showing home security, it is a big deterrent for anyone to try and burglarize a home. Working together with your neighbors builds a strong community that supports each other.

Enjoy Your Home and Neighborhood

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have been in place for many years, the above tips still benefit you. A safer neighborhood is possible. The more that participate in the efforts, the easier it becomes. Need more suggestions? At True Home Security, we are always available to offer security suggestions. We have many years of experience in the security industry to base our designs on. We know that no two houses are the same. That is the reason we offer a variety of home security packages with alarm systems to keep you and your neighbors safe. Give us a call today to find out more!