Home Security Cameras: Best Placement

Even the best equipment needs the proper settings to work well. This includes your home security equipment. It is important to place and program your security devices properly. Especially necessary is the location of your security cameras. The location makes the difference of catching a crime in action or not. Where would the ideal locations be in and outside of your house?  



Home security cameras placed around the outside of your home are always a good idea. Not only are they handy for detecting unwanted activity, but they are a deterrent just by being seen. The priority for coverage is your entry points to the house. A video doorbell normally has a 180° vision range. This is good for your main walkway to the door, depending on the size of your house. The front door is actually the main access point for a burglar.

Of course, the whole perimeter is important. It is suggested to install your outside cameras 9 to 10 feet high. Cameras that are out of reach stay safer from vandalism. Another good reminder is to watch out for glare from the light and angle. Look to see all areas are covered without any blind spots. Test the camera out before securing it with that final screw. Be sure all sides of the house are viewable through your cameras, such as:



  • Front door
  • Garage
  • Other exterior doors
  • Windows
  • Views of the yard surrounding the house





The same placement rules apply to the inside of the home. Aim to cover your entry points, such as the doors and the windows. In addition, if there are rooms that have valuables you want to keep an extra eye on, include them in the range of the home security camera views, even upstairs. You may not want a camera down in the basement, but the windows an intruder would gain entry through should be covered by cameras outside. Also, it would be a good idea to have the stairs coming up from the basement within camera view.



  • Windows and doors
  • Stairs coming up or down to the main floor
  • Rooms with valuables
  • Family activity rooms


Warnings on Home Security Cameras

There are varying laws from state to state when it comes to outside home security cameras and your neighbors. It is advisable to do a little research before your outdoor camera placement. Besides, the main idea is to protect your yard and house, not your neighbor’s. 


In fact, just because the camera is inside your home, there are still laws. It is illegal to place a camera in your bathroom, but there should not be a need for one in there since hallways are acceptable. Bedrooms are also one to be wary of. Even though valuables are in there, privacy is also expected. However, with wireless cameras, it is possible to move a camera temporarily if you are out of town and want to monitor that room. A child’s room or baby video monitor is proper out of a need for caretaking. Hidden nanny cams are legal as long as they are used for personal observation and nothing illegal. 



Your home security cameras may now seem like more than you were expecting. But, don’t worry. A little planning helps it go smoothly. Before you shop, have a floor plan written out showing where the best places to put the cameras are, and how many inside and out. After you get them, remember to test out the view before the final install. True Protection Home Security can assist you in these decisions. We want to make sure it’s done right and you are safe. Based on our 20 years of experience, we can guide you on how to get the best view for protecting your home. Our home security packages can give you as much protection as you want. The equipment we use is only the best for your family. Adding on the 24/7 monitoring gives you the ultimate protection out of your cameras.  Find out more by giving us a call today.


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