Do Crime Rates Go Up During the Holidays?

For most, it’s the happiest time of the year. Then, for others, it can be a time of stress and pressure to give what they don’t have. Sadly, this can result in the 30% spike of crime that is reported during the holiday season. Whether it is the extra shopping items in the home or a vacant house due to vacation travel, it becomes an opportunity. There are areas of home security and while out shopping that you can be aware of in order to prevent yourself from being a victim of crime. Here are things to consider.

Your Shopping Spree

People have tried to save up all year so that they can go down their purchase list for friends and family. Criminals know this too. Crime will be on the increase. Unfortunately, you have to keep an eye on your items while inside the stores, as well as walking out too. This includes not letting your credit card out of your sight when they are swiping it at the checkout. When you’re out shopping exercise caution. Remember:

  • securityDon’t keep large amounts of cash in the home or on you
  • Park at well-lit areas that are populatedShop with friends as a group
  • Stay aware of your surroundings, inside and out
  • Put your packages in the trunk where they are not visible
  • Keep an eye out as you drive home that no one follows you
  • Online shoppers beware of cybercrime and don’t give out your info


Stay Safe at Home

Now that you are back home, you still can’t let your guard down. Remember, this is the season where thieves are looking for opportunities. There have been cases where shoppers were followed home and the homes were now known to have some big purchases inside. Don’t become a target. Be sure to not leave the packages in the car unattended as you go in and out unloading them. Home security can relieve you from a lot of these stressors.

  • Don’t leave packages in an unattended, unlocked carAt home, lock your door as you come in
  • Don’t leave the spare key outside
  • Put your packages away where they aren’t visible through windows
  • Beware of unexpected delivery people knocking on the door
  • Enlist trusted people to watch your house if you travel
  • Use timers for lights when you are gone



Home Security After the Holidays

Think you can relax now that the holidays went by? Not yet. Especially if there is not any home security. There are still thieves prowling the neighborhoods. Now, they are looking for those discarded gift boxes in the trash to see what is inside your home. New gaming system, mega TV, or jewelry added to the home? Instead of advertising for them, go ahead and crush or break down the boxes and store them inside the house until it is recycling day. Then, put them out nice and early to get taken away.

home security

Discourage Theft with Home Security

Do crime rates go up during the holidays? Yes, but you don’t have to let a happy time of the year get ruined by crime or even the worry that something might happen. Be proactive and let the latest home security systems do the guard duty for you. True Home Protection can help you relax through the holidays and into the new year. They offer the latest home security and smart home devices.

While you’re out shopping, you can check your security cameras in and outside of your home to reassure you that all is safe. Get alerted to any unusual activity that may occur. Use your video doorbell to check on that suspicious delivery and they won’t even know you are not home when you speak with them. If there is an emergency in your home, the monitoring service will be alerted and send assistance to you immediately. The options are endless and all are available to wrap your home up tightly. Give True Protection a call today and find out all that we can do for you!