June is National Homeownership Month!


Did you know that June is National Homeownership Month? It has been named this in order to spotlight the American Dream of owning a home. It also recognizes the many organizations that assist those who have a goal of owning their own home. This time of recognition started back in the 1920s and continued to evolve through the years. In 1995, President Bill Clinton deemed a week in June as National Homeownership Week. Then, in 2002, President George W. Bush expanded it to the whole month of June. Now, President Joe Biden introduced more housing initiatives of nearly $35 billion to encourage homeownership in four ways:

  • Strengthening housing assistance
  • Advancing housing equity
  • Increasing the production of access to affordable housing
  • Promoting climate resilience across the housing sector



Why Promote Homeownership?

Our homes today are more important than ever. Most of us just spent over a year sheltering at home, working at home, and schooling at home. It has reminded us how important it really is. Our homes give us financial security, an improved lifestyle, and stronger communities. By owning a home, it makes us more stable and more likely to support our children’s schools, local stores, and other community bonds. As we improve our homes and get involved in the community, it serves to strengthen our society. For this reason, homeownership is encouraged and efforts are made to make it possible. 

This is a month meant to celebrate how important it is to own a home. It also shows the effect of ownership on the lives of American families, communities, and the health of the nation’s economy. Homes are not just a status to gain, but the memories that families make as they grow together are priceless. 


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What Does This Mean For You?

Are you are thinking about purchasing a home? Now is a good time. This month’s awareness is meant to highlight the beginning of the summer homebuying season. There are many insights and resources being made available from real estate professionals, financing lenders, and housing counselors. There is a big focus on reestablishing our economy and our communities. Take advantage of the spotlight on homebuying right now and see what is available.

If you are already a homeowner, June is a time to think seriously about what your home means to you. If you are already a homeowner, think about the safety and stability it provides for your family. It is a safe haven for you to come back to each day. 


Take Care of Your Home and Family

At True Home Protection, we know how important your home is. When your home is kept safe, so is your family inside. The key to doing this is protecting our homes with home security systems, along with alarm monitoring. As we have established, our homes are an investment, a family haven, and a community pillar. We should make the goal of doing everything we can to provide continual improvement to our property. True Home Protection gives you everything you need to do this. From alarm systems to single devices to upgrade what you already have, we have it for you. 

Whether it is a single doorbell video camera or a full coverage package, home security plays a vital part in growing your home’s value and safety. After this past year of turmoil, people are gradually getting back to their routine. We are back to work and the kids are home for the summer. Get more done at work when you aren’t distracted and worried about what is going on at home. With home security monitoring, you know there is someone else backing you up and watching over the house. With your home security app, check-in on the home activities at any time. 

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Celebrate Homeownership

Whether you are a homeowner or planning on being one soon, take a moment to appreciate the things a home means to you. It helps to raise a family in a safe environment while building a strong community. Take this month of June and celebrate homeownership by renewing your love for your home by finding ways to improve it. Look for maintenance items to repair, give it a fresh start with a new paint job. If you need to upgrade your home security, True Protection is here for you. Enjoy your home and look forward to many more years in it.