Crime Prevention Month: How to Keep Your Home Secure

Since 1984, Crime Prevention Month has been recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and other agencies throughout October. The goal of this awareness month is to remind people of the importance of preventing crimes before they occur and taking important measures for personal safety.

Crime Prevention Month is a great time to analyze your home’s security. Ensure your home is safe and crime-free all year round by considering the following tips to keep your home secure.

Skip the Key Under the Mat

Many homeowners keep a spare key under their doormat or in some other hidden location nearby to their front door. While this may seem convenient, you’re better off entrusting a neighbor with a spare key. If you get locked out, you’ll have access to your home without putting your home security at risk.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), burglars know to look in common places like doormats, planters, etc. Always lock your door any time you leave your home.


Let Burglars Know You’re Covered

If you have a home security system with cameras, make sure criminals know about it! Many burglars check around a home for the presence of an alarm system before committing a crime. According to the FDI, approximately 83% will check for cameras before proceeding with a break-in. If you have a security system, make sure it is visible for everyone to see!


Take Care of your Shrubs

Don’t let your lawn or yard get out of hand! Neglecting to trim your bushes or shrubs can give potential burglars easier places to hide. Keeping your landscaping short and trimmed helps protect your home and family. In addition, be sure your home is well-lit, especially around windows and doors. Many homeowners want to enhance security like motion-sensitive lights, which will come on when they sense a burglar lurking around the exterior of a home.


Complete a Home Inventory

Many homeowners carry homeowners insurance, but have never completed a home inventory! If a criminal broke into your home, having a list of your inventory would make it easier to file a claim. An inventory list covers everything inside the home with value, such as furniture, jewelry, and other valuable possessions.

This Crime Prevention Month, get prepared by taking a video walkthrough as proof of your possessions. Hopefully, you’ll never use it, but it is a great thing to have in case of an unforeseen event.


Put Valuables Inside at Night

Leaving bicycles or other outdoor equipment outside your home can put your home at risk. At night, any equipment such as lawnmowers should be moved inside to a garage or shed, if possible. If you leave for work during the day, these items should also be stored away. If there is no place to store these items inside, you may consider locking them down to make sure they’re secure.


Prevention is Key

Many home and property crimes each year could have been prevented with better home security measures. Many simple measures homeowners take can play a big role in preventing a break-in. This Crime Prevention Month, consider these easy ways to keep your home secure.