4 Ways to Use Your Smart Home Lighting

After researching and comparison shopping, you have finished setting up your house with a smart home security system. After learning to operate the essentials of your system for safety and protection, you start to explore the different options your devices offer. Because there are endless things you can program and do with a smart home, we will focus only on one area, your smart lights. Lights sound like a simple and limited area to explore. But then, you add the extra description of making it smart lighting. This goes far beyond flipping a switch to light up a room. Let’s explore the possibilities.


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Begin Your Day

Many of us dread hearing that alarm for waking up in the morning. Studies have shown that being jolted awake by a loud, sudden alarm can cause high blood pressure and a raised heart rate, not to mention your stress level jumping instantly. What would be a healthy alternative? It is suggested that you wake up to gradual natural light. If you get up before the sun rises to wake you, your smart lighting has the same ability to rouse you. Your lighting app allows you to program what time you want your lights to gradually grow brighter and over what time span. You also choose what days of the week, which room, and what bulb. Slowly waking up to your simulated sunrise is the way to start your day right!


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Alerts and Notifications

Have you ever turned down the sound on your phone due to a sleeping child or other reason? Maybe you are vacuuming or have headphones on. It never fails, that important phone call comes in, and you miss it. With your smart home lights, you have the ability to program a light to turn a certain color for a specific person or call. It also works with motion detectors and can be programmed to turn colors or blink if someone comes in the front door or another area.

Importantly, in the case of a fire or smoke or carbon monoxide is detected the lights can go red or a color of your choice to alert for an emergency. Of course, in a smart home, it can go a step further and alert your monitoring company and first responders as well.


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Greets You When You Arrive

Never arrive home to a dark, quiet house after work. Programming your smart lighting makes sure your house is well lit. Either use schedules to have lights on a timer, use motion detection as you walk up to the door, or even geofencing that detects when you get close to the house. All of these options turn on the lights for you.

Schedules and timers are also useful when you are away for a couple of days. Even though there is no one at home, it appears that there is due to the lights turning themselves off and on according to your previous schedule. It is important for your home security to have outside motion-detecting lights to go along with your security cameras. Use programming such as when your video doorbell rings, the outside light turns on.


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Don’t Forget the Fun and Games

Smart lighting also has a fun side to it. A variety of apps allow you to sync your music to your lights and put on a display that changes colors and follows the beat to the music. Set your lights to a certain color for matching a party theme. Or, your lights set a mood to match your gaming or movies that you are enjoying. Some apps let you attach a compatible gaming platform so that your lights reflect the action in your game. Your smart lighting has the ability to change color, brightness, saturation, and more.


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Endless Possibilities

When it comes to having a smart home security system, if you imagine it, then it is possible. Just examining the smart lighting options is endless. At True Protection Home Security, we help you explore the possibilities of a smart home and the many conveniences and safety features it offers you. If just the lighting system does so much, imagine what a house full of smart home devices can do for you. Give us a call today and learn more!