Austin’s Progress Came at a Price

Austin Texas is world-famous for its award-winning barbeque joints, tech joints, and famous music scene. Austin has more live music venues than any other city in the country per capita. The city is the third fastest-growing city in the United States and boasts a nightlife scene that is the envy of just about every city in the union trying to party outside of Austin. Even cultured New Yorkers don’t mind an excursion to Austin to broaden their horizons. Unfortunately for the residents of Austin, this explosion in growth came with a high price: an explosion in crime.

Crime rates are notoriously difficult to analyze, as crime tends to be under-reported rather than over-reported. When you see a large crime rate in a city like Austin, it’s all the more alarming when you consider that there’s a chance it’s actually not inclusive of all the hidden crime that doesn’t get reported at all. If anything, things might be even bleaker than the reports suggest, and the reports are already bleak enough to cause alarm.

Big Trouble in the Big City

Austin, Texas crime rates have been the dark underbelly of the city’s roaring success. According to aggregate data from neighborhood scouting reports, Austin ranks just an 8 on safety, with 100 being the highest ranking you can earn. Loosely translated, this means that 92% of cities in the United States are safer than Austin is. It’s rock bottom in terms of crime and continues to grow more mired in crime each day. While it’s easy to lay it off to the growth, it’s not easy to ignore these statistics if you’re actually living in Austin.

Austin has a thriving singles population, but there are also families in Austin building their lives there. You may be one of them. We all know that if you’re going to settle in a city, being able to have a sense of safety and security is paramount to living a full, active life. You don’t want to have to be afraid to leave your house or rest peacefully in it each night either. You want all the benefits of Austin with none of the threats. To give you an idea of just how big that threat has become, here are a few shocking crime stats you’ll want to keep in mind when assessing your safety level in Austin right now.

Shocking Crime Rate in Austin

In an Austin crime update, Police Chief Brian Manley recently took to the airwaves to alert residents of Austin at the shocking nature of the crime in the city right now. He pointed out that violent crime in downtown Austin is up 15% at the time of his interview. Violent crime is the type of crime that shocks people when it’s reported. It’s not just damaging to another person’s property. It’s crime that includes the worst of the worst: murder, aggravated assault, and armed robbery, among many other frightening violent crimes that Austin residents are more worried about now than ever before in their history.

That doesn’t mean the rise in crime is confined to just violent crime, though. Property crimes like vandalism are also on the rise, making people more fearful than ever of burglaries, arson, and auto theft. Businesses are confronting a larger shoplifting problem than usual in the city as well, another prime example of how people are now fearful of losing property just because they decided to live in Austin. It’s a shocking array of crimes that are on the rise, and people in Austin correctly realize that they need to take matters into their own hands so that they’re not powerless against these crimes anymore.

While the police are working to analyze the data and grasp just why crime is skyrocketing in Austin, Austinites find themselves empowered by the fact that they’re aware of the problem and have the tools they need to make themselves safer until authorities get a handle on the situation. In today’s high tech, intelligent electronics world, you’re never entirely powerless to make yourself safer.

Austin Crime Update

You move to a place like Austin to take in the culture, the music, the food, and the old-fashioned friendliness that comes from living in a city that has a booming native population and frequent visitors from other cities and even international tourists. No one should have to leave behind the benefits of Austin’s culture to escape crime. Thanks to intelligent new home security systems, the residents of Austin can empower themselves with the right technology to solve the problem.

Austin police are now focusing heavily to understand the home invasions that have devastated certain neighborhoods of Austin, Texas. Austin suffers from almost 35,000 property crimes each year, a tragic number of property crimes that put a specific number to the 18% rise in property crimes in the last year. Imagine 35,000 people trying to live peacefully, enjoy their own homes and property, only to become a victim of a property crime.

The scariest scenario is when a property crime turns into a violent crime scene as well. Many Austin families have experienced a home invasion, but sometimes those home invasions go wrong and they become armed scenarios, sometimes even ones that end a homeowner’s life and/or the life of their family. It’s a tragedy that need not ever occur in our modern era of technology, but tragically, that scenario is playing out now more than ever before in the history of Austin.

Home Security in Austin

Security systems in Austin TX are seamlessly easy to have installed and to maintain. It’s a constant lifeline against the threat of all types of property crimes that are on the rise in Austin. Instead of leaving it to fate whether or not your family is safe tonight, it’s highly advisable to get a home alarm system installed and working quietly for your family, like a silent, noble sheriff you have on your side at all times.

Companies like True Protection form a barrier between you and the property crimes that are sweeping Austin right now. They have a host of home security systems in Austin TX that provide genuine peace of mind for families:

  • Home Security
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Their services allow you to have control over every aspect of your home’s security, even if you’re away from home. Your smartphone becomes a constant remote link to every area of your home, allowing you to protect it even when you’re away. Whatever the threat is, True Protection is your lifeline, and it’s easily installed by professionals who know how to protect the people of Austin, Texas. Any resident of Austin would be wise to contact True Protection and get a free quote today. It might just save you from becoming a part of those disturbing crime statistics that residents are grappling with right now.

Identifying a threat is the first step toward protecting against it, but it’s not enough just to realize that higher crime rates are a reality in Austin right now. It wouldn’t even be enough to know why those crime rates are rising. The only thing that will genuinely protect you and your family is home security in Austin and all the many tools that come with its installation. It takes only a few minutes to get a free quote.