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Commercial Security System Services in Texas

Manage Your Business Efficiently with True Protection
Business security systems are a critical component of a well run organization. At True Protection, we customize commercial security systems to meet the unique needs of your business regardless of the company’s size or your security needs. Intrusions, theft and burglaries can be prevented. Our systems not only prevent robberies, intrusions and digital threats but also help you manage your business more efficiently. We use state-of-the-art alarms, security cameras, applications and monitoring to protect life and property while saving you money using advanced smart controls and security practices.

We Address Your Business Concerns

There are many security issues that your business may face.

You might worry about issues other than physical security, but physical security best practices reduce robberies, internal theft, uncontrolled access and other threats that have both digital and real-world consequences.

We help you design the right security system to control access, reduce internal theft, stop break-ins and monitor behavior within your brick-and-mortar store or offices. Some of the threats that we help eliminate include:

Burglary, Robbery, Internal Theft and Shoplifting

There are about 27 million shoplifters in the United States, and shoplifting costs U.S. businesses more than $13 billion annually. We build systems that control shoplifting, internal thefts, burglaries and robberies.

Limiting Access

One of the biggest risks in business comes from unauthorized people getting access to information, computer files and physical areas where high-valued property is stored. We help you control access, eliminate the need for keys, and even cover a wider range of access.

Managing Safety Issues

Camera surveillance helps security staff identify possible threats to customers, property, and staff members. You will even control access in a volatile situation by closing and locking doors to prevent customers from entering areas where danger or conflicts appear.

Implementing Extended Security Solutions

Busy companies often have extended security threats at loading docks, garages and parking areas. We supply specialized equipment such as monitoring cameras, door sensors and motion detectors to catch any questionable activities in areas where your company experiences vulnerabilities or where it could be held responsible for the actions of others.

Ensuring Perimeter Security

Our Twin Photobeam Detectors are used indoors and outdoors to detect perimeter threats. They are built with lensed optics that reinforce beam strength and eliminate false alarms due to weather changes. Adjustable for any situation, our beams offer reliable perimeter security for your business.

Using Mobile Apps for Enhanced Security

Our commercial video monitoring services allow you to view live or recorded video from any location to stay on top of any security issues. Our system films in high definition with night vision capabilities. You can arm or disarm alarms, create passcodes for employees based on adjustable times and dates and essentially control all aspects of business security from your phone.

Getting Started With True Protection

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