Home Automation Technology At Your Fingertips

Benefit from Home Automation with True Protection

Recent technology has given home automation a new meaning beyond lighting and simple appliance control. Today’s home automation is your world interconnected at your fingertips. If your family is still manually setting the alarm and fighting over the thermostat, you’re a little behind.

So, how does it work?

With home automation technology, you can control security systems, temperature settings, door locks, garage door openers, lighting and much more from a central hub in your house. True Protection’s home automation services redefine security measures for your household. With the swipe of a finger, turn on exterior lights and security cameras for a better view of your driveway or yard. Receive real-time alerts from burglary, unplanned guests, and even floods.

There are far greater benefits of automating your home than just keeping up with the Joneses. Let True Protection upgrade your technology and feel more secure at home.

Constant Convenience

Do you hate coming to a dark house?
Use the app from our corporate partner, Alarm.com, to unlock doors, turn on lights and even turn on the air conditioner as you arrive home. Inside, you can operate your integrated systems and appliances from a central all-in-one control panel or Alarm.com smartphone app. We also offer additional wireless touch screens to save you steps.

You can’t beat a comprehensive home automation system for convenience. With just one phone call, you could make your life a lot easier.

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Security and Safety

A top-notch system is a powerful deterrent against burglary. It’s an investment, but you can’t put a price on the safety of your family.

A surprising number of intruders saunter up the sidewalk and try the front door. An even more surprising number finds the door unlocked. Your front entry must be secure, and True Protection has the solutions you need.

The Alarm.com Doorbell Camera empowers you to have a record of all activity at their front door with its 180° wide-angle lens, two-way microphone, motion sensors, and IR night vision. You can instantly pull up the live view from the doorbell camera at any time, and you will get a notification anytime motion is detected or someone rings your doorbell so that you can see who is at your front door and have a two-way audio conversation with that person. All video recordings are securely stored in the cloud for future playback access.

The Alarm.com Doorbell Camera is always connected to the internet, and is seamlessly integrated into your Alarm.com account so that you can control your alarm system, door locks, and doorbell camera all through one user-friendly interface.

While speaking to the visitor through your Alarm.com Doorbell Camera, you can even unlock your door without having to navigate to a different section of the mobile app… a door unlock button is accessible right there on the screen while you are having your conversation with the visitor. Talk about convenience!

The best home automation systems have secure, connected door locks that you can control remotely to ensure that you never leave one of your doors unlocked again. We partner with two of the industry’s leading lock manufacturers, Schlage and Kwikset, to keep unwanted visitors out. Their products are integrated into the Alarm.com platform and are very sophisticated and stylish, providing True Protection with a powerful weapon in our arsenal to fully protect your home.

With True Protection, Keys are a Thing of the Past

Aren’t you tired of misplacing your keys or fumbling to unlock the door when you have an armload of groceries? Keys will soon be relics of the past.

In your home, smart locks are opened and bolted through digital codes; control all locks at once or operate them separately.

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Forgot to Lock the Doors?

If you’ve left the house and have that sinking feeling that you forgot to lock up, use your mobile device or tablet to handle it. If you forgot the housekeeper was coming, unlock the door from work, the grocery store or wherever you happen to be.

Our products allow you to program windows of time for temporary access. All of the z-wave door locks offered by True Protection have the memory to accommodate up to 30 users at a time.

In addition to convenience, electronic locks have impressive security features. Anti-pick designs prevent tampering and lock-bumping.

Schlage and Kwikset offer good-looking door knobs, handle sets and other hardware to enhance your property and keep you safe all at the same time.

At the very least, you’ll never lock yourself out again.

True Protection Offers Energy and Comfort

No home automation system is complete without a cutting-edge thermostat. Our sleek 2Gig Z-Wave Thermostat remote control model is programmable and has a battery life of two years.

When integrated into a comprehensive smart-home system, the thermostat keeps healthy and comfortable, improve energy efficiency and save you money.

We also offer 2GIG Technologies automated lighting solutions. Ask us how you to program desired settings for each room, reduce your electric bill and save on light bulbs.

When integrated into your home automation system and control app, it gets even better. Check out all the things it does:

  • Automatically follow your preferred heating and cooling schedule
  • Take cues from the motion sensors in your security system to deliver optimal comfort in the rooms you’re using at any given time
  • Sense when you leave home and revert to energy-saving mode
  • Pinpoint your remote location and start heating or cooling the house when you’re on your way home
  • Alert you to danger from smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Collect usage data and expose habits that are costing you money

Peace of Mind and a Restful Home

Call True Protection today and sleep better tonight.

Most of us have enough to worry about without wondering if our home and family are safe. We could drive ourselves crazy on vacation thinking that we left the garage door open or the air conditioner on full blast.

Our goal at True Protection is to help you protect your home. We have customized solutions to match your lifestyle and the best home automation technology available.