How to pick the best security company for your needs.

When it comes to protecting your home, you want a security provider you can trust. While the need for trust hasn’t changed in the last 20 years, so much else has when it comes to security systems. Modern security features state of the art technology including doorbell cameras, cloud based video storage, touch screen security panels, motion detectors, smart apps, and analytics – just to name a few!

With all these new developments, it can be difficult to tailor your security solutions to you and your family’s personal needs, ensuring that you’re getting the best protection without any unneeded bells and whistles. In order to do so, it’s important to find not just a security provider but a partner with experience and your best interests at heart.

It can be hard to differentiate between security companies online. There are new and old providers, big names in every state or smaller local companies, with a variety of offerings between them. Maybe you’re looking for a comprehensive all-in-one solution, or only a few specific features to customize your security. Whatever your needs are will determine the best fit for you. We’re going to look at two security companies, Vivint and True Protection, to give you an in-depth comparison of their services to people in your area.


About Vivint

Vivint is a smart home security company that provides security systems, monitoring services, and a smart home platform to its customers. While originally based in Utah, Vivint is now a nationwide company and currently offers its suite of services in all 50 states as well as Canada, servicing around 1.5 million customers. It boasts over 20 years of experience in the security industry, 10 of these have included its smart home products.

Vivint Security Systems

Because of its established status, Vivint sells its own products rather than those from third-party manufacturers. This allows the company to make innovations of their own and eliminates the middle-man when it comes to maintenance and customer service. However, this has also made the devices prone for potential hacks and a history of faulty equipment. However, Vivint has greater control over its inventory and offers its own proprietary Vivint SkyControl control panel, which does look pretty neat.

Vivint Security System

Does a higher price give you better equipment and features? Not Necessarily.

A greater monthly cost usually corresponds to a greater number of security features, with the premium plus package including additional smart home capabilities such as a smart thermostat and garage door opener. Vivint allows customers to customize their packages with different features. All packages come with Vivint’s monitoring service, which includes 24/7 monitoring by specialists, professional installation of equipment, and access to their smart home app.

Along with its proprietary (and some what janky) hardware, Vivint stands out from similar sized alarm companies in that they have a no-contract monitoring option. That means If you purchase their equipment, you have the option to sign a month-to-month contract with no strings attached. Many security companies do require a longer term contract of a year or more, even if you buy the equipment upfront. Vivint was also the first security firm to offer two-way talk via its control panel. This means they don’t need to rely on calling your phone during an emergency, they can simply check on you using your control panel. Vivint is also compatible with apps like Alexa and Google Assistant, Nest, and Z-Wave.

Vivint Disadvantages

While Vivint is a great choice for your home security and smart home integration, there are always trade offs depending on the company you choose. One of the biggest factors for many people is cost. Vivint’s monthly fees are higher than a lot of their competitors, but they do also boast higher quality products and monitoring services. However, choosing Vivint means choosing their products, their monitoring, and their installation – there is no DIY option. If you can’t pay up front for their equipment costs, expect to enter into a long-term contract to finance that payment.

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True Protection Security Company

About True Protection

A younger company than Vivint, True Protection was founded in 2011 by three security experts with years of experience between them in the private security industry. True Protection offers home security, video surveillance, and home automation services to its clients. Originally a Texas company servicing residents living in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, True Protection has now expanded its coverage into Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC, with more expansion on the horizon. Their mission is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with their customer base by adhering to a strict code of ethical conduct to ensure the integrity of their business, and always offering the most affordable yet high quality security solutions to home and business owners.

True Protection Security Systems

True Protection’s biggest asset is its local expertise and exceptional customer service. They’ve maintained high customer satisfaction levels and reviews through their commitment to quality, including a 5-Diamond Certified central monitoring system. The 5-Diamond designation is given out by The Monitoring Association (TMA) to monitoring centers that satisfy the criteria of the five points of excellence:

  1. Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  2. Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
  3. Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing.
  4. Commitment to raising the industry standards through.
  5. Commitment to reducing false dispatches.

True Protection has also partnered with industry leaders like, 2GIG and Brinks Home Security to provide homeowners with the latest products and professional monitoring in the industry. They offer smart security, alarm systems, monitoring, and wellness systems. Whether you’re looking to protect your family and home from invasion or get safety and peace of mind when caring for an elderly family member living independently or at an assisted living facility, there is a system for you.

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True Ultimate Smart Home Security Systems

Residential, Business, and Enterprise Solutions

There is no job too big or small for True Protection. Whether looking for security for your apartment, your small business, or your warehouse facility, True Protection partners with their clients to ensure the best service, coverage, and affordability. For instance, they boast an enterprise plan based on cloud-based access control systems that is far superior to more traditional physical on-site access control plans. True Protection ensures that all of your bases, physical and conceptual, are secure.


As discussed, Vivint provides high quality equipment at higher prices. But when it comes to differentiating between companies, there is a lot to say for local expertise and quality customer service. You want someone in your area who knows your area, and True Protection gives you that peace of mind. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, limited lifetime warranty, multiple awards for their service, and $0 activation fees, there’s no question that True Protection is a great choice for your security solutions. Like Vivint, they work with customers to customize packages for their needs, whether alarm systems, monitoring, or smart security. If you’re looking for stellar customer service, local know-how, and modern solutions with state of the art tech – True Protection is your company.

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